Free Essay on the Role of the Family Nurse Practitioner

Published: 2022-06-29
Free Essay on the Role of the Family Nurse Practitioner
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Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP) refers to the advanced practice registered nurse who operates independently or in collaboration with other healthcare professionals with the aim of delivering family-focused care. Fundamentally, these practitioners offer a wide range of the family healthcare services that are centred on the family unit and which integrate both health promotion and disease prevention (BryantLukosius et al. 2016). They also provide the direct care and other services such as counselling across all the lifespan. It is important to note that the FNP work within the clinical settings because they conduct physical exams and perform diagnostics tests as well as the procedures. Within the family practice specialty, they diagnose and treat the patients from childhood to adulthood (Donald et al. 2015).

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According to Barnes (2015), the FNPs often co-manage the conditions of their patients through working together with other clinical and non-clinical specialists and provide the case management for the long illnesses. However, their abilities to operate with an extensive patient's population across all the age range, class and gender enable them to work in the variety of settings such as hospitals, local health care departments, community clinics as well as the ambulatory care facilities.

Questions to Ask FNP about their job in the Interview

  1. What is the most difficult aspect of being a FNP?
  2. How do you contribute to the experience of the patients you are dealing with?
  3. What do you do when the patient requests for the medications that are not necessary?
  4. Discuss with me about the time you encountered unethical behavior from the patients. What was your response towards it?
  5. What would your action be when the patient is unresponsive to the pain medication and still requests for an amount that exceeds the maximum that is permitted?
  6. As a healthcare professional, can you explain to me the scenario you experienced and decided to provide an exceptional healthcare service?
  7. What are some of the challenges that affect your work as a FNP?
  8. FNP work in collaboration with other healthcare specialists. Have you been in a conflict with another specialist over the kind of the right diagnosis and treatment of the patient? How did you solve out this matter?
  9. What does it call to be a FNP?
  10. What is your take about the Physician-Assisted Suicide?


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