Role As A Leader - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-24
Role As A Leader - Free Essay Example
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The article titled The Art of Winning Everywhere exposes Sue Bird’s weakness as a shy girl – thus, Mr. Auriemma wanted her to overcome this weakness to become an effective leader. Furthermore, Sue’s mentor taught her that leadership is not about exercising God’s given talent to the fullest – but it is about bringing out the best selves of every teammate. After overcoming the two challenges, Sue has become one of the renowned WNBA leaders in basketball sport (Walker, 2018).

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Analyze Sue Bird’s Leadership Style – Connect Your Answer to What You Learned about Leadership Behaviors, Attitudes, and Styles

Sue Bird shows the coach and transformational leadership style as she collaborates with her team members to ensure they win (Northouse, 2018). Her traits exemplify this leadership style by bringing out the best qualities of every team member. An analysis of Sue’s playing style shows how selfless she is in team dedication and managing the game’s flow. Moreover, Sue learned how to understand her teammates and ensure they all attain their optimum potential. Although Sue was not born a leader, she discovers her leadership from her coach (Walker, 2018). Team leaders must possess specific behavior and attitude for them to become successful.

One of the behaviors that leaders need to possess for them to become successful is to build trust in their teams. Sue’s leadership style shows her level of confidence she had in team members, and they trust they had on her. Trust makes team members become comfortable around leaders and perform to their best. Another important trait is developing the talents of others. Great leaders ought to identify different skills that their team members possess and nurture those talents (Northouse, 2018). Another behavior that great leaders need to maintain, as shown by Sue Bird, is the ability to communicate effectively. Sue Bird horned her communication skills as the team captain, enabling her to steer her basketball team to success.

In addition to that, Sue Bird shows a lot of confidence and courage – a trait every leader ought to possess. The case of Sue Bird as the best WNBA captain of her team, shows mental readiness acquired through experience as a player. The transformative and coaching style of leadership requires an individual to show gratitude to the team effort. This leadership attitude has enabled Sue Bird to become a team captain who can keep her team together and steer it to great winnings.

What Is Evan Spiegel’s Leadership Style? Offer Two Ideas from the Article

The article Evan Spiegel’s Rule Led Snapchat to Success Evan Spiegel exercises a visionary leadership style. Spiegel show this leadership style by working tirelessly to introduce new changes that he sees as necessary to the success of Snapchat Company. He exercised this leadership style by setting goals and expectations from his team of developers who needed to overhaul the interface of the Snapchat app (Wells & Farrell, 2018). Another leadership style that Spiegel applies when introducing some changes to the App’s interface is the authoritarian or autocratic leadership style. Spiegel exercises total control over a new project that he expected to get delivered after a specific period. Spiegel rejected any advice from his technical staff and forced everybody to work on the App. His leadership style is task-oriented, and he does not give any room for collaboration or input from employees.

Why Might Evan Spiegel’s Approach Be Considered Problematic for Snapchat and Its Employees?

The leadership style is problematic for Snapchat employees since it discourages group inputs hence lowering the staff morale (Northouse, 2018). As a result, intelligent team members end up holding their ideas back even if they are the best ideas. The forceful nature of his leadership style creates resentment with employees making others fall out with him because of misunderstandings (Northouse, 2018). Visionary leadership is also problematic since he combines it with autocracy, ignoring creative and expert advice. Such leadership style does not give enough room for consultation and research, and it can lead to losses like the one experienced by Snapchat.

Power, Politics, and Leadership

Tesla Braces for Uncertainty amid Shift in Elon Musk’s Role

What Is the Change in Elon Musk’s Role at Tesla?

The article published on the Wall Street Journal shows Elon Musk stepping down as the chairman of Tesla Company and retaining his position as the chief executive officer.

Describe The Implications For His Power At Tesla.

Elon still holds considerable power as the Chief Executive Officer at Tesla cooperation. As the CEO of Tesla, Musk will have ample time on focusing on the internal and external commitment to stakeholders as well as improving the Company’s overall performance. Since the CEO is the primary decision-maker in the CompanyCompany is to take – Musk will still have the chance of shaping the value and the present and future direction that Tesla will go. Furthermore, Musk has an opportunity of entirely focusing on technological innovations and improvement in production – since he does not have the responsibility of attending to investors and shareholder demands – hence a chance to regain control of Tesla’s day-to-day operations (Zuraik & Kelly, 2019). Furthermore, serving as a CEO alone is an excellent chance to build relationships with Company clients and partners.

What Factors/Issues Are Playing A Role In The Power Changes Described In The Article?

The main reason why Musk stepped down as the chairman of Tesla Company is the tweet he made of taking his CompanyCompany private. The tweet made a drop in the Securities Exchange hence making investors lose money. The Securities Exchange Commission filed a suit against Musk for posting erroneous information on his Twitter account, resulting in investors’ loss of funds (Higgins, Pulliam & Michaels, 2018). As a result, Musk is supposed to pay USD 20 million in fraud charges and step down as the chairman of the board. Another factor that could have contributed to him stepping down is investor complaints on how he managed the CompanyCompany as a startup entity. Investors hoped that by him stepping down, the Tesla would recover from losses it was making in car production – since an independent board could boost investor confidence.

Salesforce.Com Adopts CEO Structure with Spotty Record

What Is the Relationship between the Two CEOs at Salesforce.Com?

There is a cordial working relationship between Keith Block and Marc Benioff, which has lasted for many years (Greene, 2018). Therefore, it is to conclude that the two CEO are people who know each other very well.

How Are They Structuring The Co-CEO Roles?

Initially, it was Benioff who gave all the directions and strategy of Salesforce Company for other employees. But with the Company having two CEOs, Benioff’s role will be to continue heading the areas of innovation, technology, stakeholder engagement, and culture (Greene, 2018). On the other hand, Mr. Block will task to ensure the day-to-day business operations of the CompanyCompany runs smoothly. Mr. Block’s role has not changed significantly since that is the work he used to do as the Operating chief and will report directly to the Salesforce board of directors.

What Are The Potential Benefits And The Potential Drawbacks To Sharing Power In This Way?

The benefits of sharing power in an organization are the acceleration in the decision-making process. In a situation where the decisions to be made are critical, having two CEOs reduces the burden of one person making the decisions alone. Powers sharing of making decisions also makes it easier for companies to run multiple projects without getting overwhelmed. Another critical factor is the availability of the CEO to the customers. When an organization has two CEOs, customers will always be meeting at least one of the CEOs when they visit.

Furthermore, two centers of power promote innovation, especially when all the CEO are smart and can work together harmoniously. The drawback to sharing power in the organization is the confusion created because of the two CEOs issuing orders. There is no definite distinction on who is the overall boss (Greene, 2018). In a scenario where the two CEOs are not in good terms – an individual can get two contradicting orders that can cause somebody to get fired. Lastly, human beings are prone to compete with each other. Hence, sharing power can create competition and ego issues, thereby potentially affecting production.

International and Culturally Diverse Aspects of Leadership

Carlos Ghosn Was Too Powerful, Nissan’s CEO Says

I strongly oppose any future attempts to remove Carlos Ghosn in textbooks as one of the cross-cultural leaders. Ghosn was a great leader that ended up failing because of not understanding certain cultural aspects (McLain, 2018). Therefore, I believe that publishers also need to include some of his failures so that it helps future leaders in working in a diverse culture. One of Ghosn’s failures that should become included in the textbooks is his inability to understand the Japanese culture. The Japanese culture upholds humility that puts group success above individual success. Ghosn also failed to note that any progress gets attributed to the group effort and not its efforts in Japanese culture. I want to believe that each leader has strengths and weaknesses. Hence, the inclusion of all these traits in a textbook will help future leaders in doing better.

Furthermore, removing the name of Ghosn in the textbooks will negatively hamper the steps made in encouraging leaders to serve in a multicultural environment. The move will erroneously show that it is impossible to have someone from a different culture to work in places like Japan. Furthermore, if the name of Ghosn gets removed from the textbooks, his people back home will develop a negative attitude towards the Japanese people – thus making it hard for a person of the Japanese origin to work in Brazil. It is also important to note that Ghosn’s inclusion in textbooks helped the Asian cultures be receptive to people from other cultures. Thus, if Ghosn’s name gets removed from the books, it will hurt the Japanese people’s diversity tolerance. All in all, I want to believe that even if Ghosn failed at some point in his career, he managed to teach the Japanese people some few invaluable leadership skills. These lessons led to reviving Nissan’s Manufacturing Company.

Starbucks’ Racial Bias Training ‘Uncomfortable’ and ‘Enlightening’: Employees React

What Are The Benefits And Risks Of Requiring Diversity and Anti-Bias Training In Organizations?

Nearly all organizations worldwide deal with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Therefore, there is a need to come up with diversity training that seeks to stop any form of biasness of any nature towards other employees. The benefit of diversity training is helping employees develop an awareness of their colleagues’ different multicultural backgrounds (Jargon & Feintzeig, 2018). A culturally aware employee workforce helps the CompanyCompany in communicating effectively without hurting the feelings of other people. Furthermore, diversity training in the workplace creates an all-inclusive workplace. As a result, all employees become satisfied with their work environment hence increasing productivity. A culturally inclusive work environment also creates high employee retention (Phillips et al., 2016).

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