Revitalizing Market Presence: A Strategic Digital Marketing Project Proposal for Microsoft Corporation

Published: 2023-12-16
Revitalizing Market Presence: A Strategic Digital Marketing Project Proposal for Microsoft Corporation
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Marketing Project Proposal

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational technology organization of America, and it is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. The company engages in numerous operations such as developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting and selling of consumer electronics, software, personal computers, alongside other services. The business is commonly known for its software products such as Microsoft Windows operating system, internet explorer, Microsoft office suite and Edge web browsers.

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Problem Statement

Microsoft Corporation has witnessed a significant increase in competitors dealing with consumer electronics over the past few years. The majority of the competitors have adopted online presence and utilize aggressive marketing campaigns and social media platforms to market their products (Felix et al., 2017). The outcome is that customers of Microsoft Corporation are likely to shift to the options with better advertisements.

Proposed Solution and Objectives

Microsoft can devise ways of combating the problem through the instigation of an individual digital marketing campaign with a target aimed at their demographic of their customers. The ultimate campaign would employ a target where keywords are researched to generate high conversion clicks especially from the customers found as likely t purchase form the Microsoft Corporation (Salazar et al., 2019). The resulting advantage from the approach would include increased sales for the firm in its consumer electronics. The firm’s campaigns need to involve a multiprong digital marketing approach such as email marketing, SEO, and use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter platforms. The campaign should be managed for a period of twelve months and include an analytics program that allows success in the campaign. Microsoft Corporation ought to implement a marketing plan with a focus on market sales and recapturing traffic from its competitors. The strategy will require starting with a data and traffic analysis campaign, analysis of customer demographic and search of targeted keyword.

The research and analysis will be followed with the use of a content strategy that is entirely focused on the establishment of high conversion traffic aimed at making improved sales volume. The actuation stage will involve optimization of SEO for the firm’s website and an active social media page that focuses on the sales demography of the company (Felix et al., 2017). A social media page will be started to attract fans, establish long term relationships with customers that improve repeat sales, keywords research will also take place to establish a pay per click campaign to enable increase sales for the consumer electronics. The same keywords will be applied in an SEO campaign to assist in enhancing natural search traffic and improve overall visibility from the targeted population.

Pricing information Market analysis will include a detailed analysis to establish the market potential for the company, existing competitions and determine target audiences to offer Microsoft conclusive market analysis to allow improved sales. Social management will put in place to create a higher engaging interaction that establishes robust customer relationships to offer a long-lasting repeat sale (Felix et al., 2017). It also guarantees increased satisfaction of customers. The project is expected to cost a total of $50000 to meet a successful campaign.

Call to Action

To continue with a digital marketing project, Microsoft Corporation is expected to observe multiple steps. First, it needs to discuss the proposal for any changes possible or accept as-is. Charges to the marketing proposal are potentially made any given time. Second, Microsoft is expected to finalize and sign the marketing project contract. Third, an initial milestone payment of $5000 is submitted. When all the steps are completed, the project kicks off with a preliminary meeting that allows discussion of company policy and scheduling of media.


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