Free Essay with a Review of the Article '5 Workforce Management Strategies to Boost Employee Engagement'

Published: 2022-09-15
Free Essay with a Review of the Article '5 Workforce Management Strategies to Boost Employee Engagement'
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This article offers efficient strategies to manage the staff within a busy working environment to increase the level of their engagement to the assigned tasks. The article is significant because it recognizes that engaging employees within an organization has a substantial impact on the quality and cost of their service delivery. One of the challenges facing employee engagement, according to this article which applies to the healthcare industry, is the voluntary turnover of the nursing staff, especially the millennial employees. The main contributing factors to the employee engagement in the healthcare sector have been identified as unsustainable or unbalanced workloads and the absence of a life-work balance CITATION Gen18 \l 1033 (General Electric Healthcare, 2018). It is for these reasons that the article has identified five human resource strategies that the researchers and respondents feel can increase the level of employee engagement once they are effectively implemented.

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The various challenges that the article identifies as problematic issues among the nursing staff begin with the lack of motivation to fill the shifts that are deemed as difficult. The article then identifies the lack of clear data to show the value that nurses bring to both the healthcare organization and the patients leads to a lack of appreciation for the work that nurses do. Nursing staff also complain excessively of the rigid scheduling structure in most healthcare facilities that makes their work unbearable (General Electric Healthcare, 2018). The shortage of nurses means that the management of healthcare entities have to settle for either overqualified or under-qualified nurses to fill in demanding shifts. Unsustainable or unattainable workloads are another challenge that nurses encounter in their working environment.

The leading staffing strategy that the article offers is the establishment of both points-based and monetary incentives to make the nurses volunteer for shifts for which it is hard to find nursing staff. The article also suggest the implementation of acuity-based staffing strategies in which data on the hard work and value contributed by the nurses on their patients can be gauged and remunerated. Self-scheduling is another staffing strategy that the article recommends by insisting that management of healthcare entities ought to leverage on technology that will allow the nurses to have a better and open shift management. It would be prudent for the management to leverage on the skills, competencies, and experience of their different nursing staff to enable the nurses to work to the top of their licenses where the job demands are matched to their skills and competencies. Lastly, the workloads ought to be made equitable to help the nurse-patient assignments attain a higher probability of positive outcomes for the patients (General Electric Healthcare, 2018).

I have personally experienced some of the challenges mentioned in this article in my line of work that reinforce my thoughts as accurate problems in the workplace. As an officer in the United States Navy on active duty, I can resonate with the two factors of incentive programs and scheduling of schedules that involves the staff as being effective staffing strategies that are bound to boost the level of employee engagement. Incentive programs during our work in the field increases employee morale that makes them want to be involved in the tasks assigned to them without any complaints. Similarly, engaging with employees before rolling out hectic schedules and difficult shifts makes them feel involved as they can select the shifts in which they feel comfortable.


General Electric Healthcare. (2018). 5 Workforce Management Strategies to Boost Employee Engagement. New York: General Electric Company.

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