Restaurant Review - Essay Example

Published: 2018-01-15
Restaurant Review - Essay Example
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Del Posto NYC

Del Posto is one of the favorite Italian restaurants in New York due to their classic ambiance and excellent menus that offer a wide range of Italian cuisines. The four-star restaurant was founded by Joseph Bastianich, Mario Batali, and Lidia Bastianich in the year 2005 with the help of a world-class chef, Mark Ladner, and has been on the forefront to offering delicious Italian meals to the people of New York. Del Posto is an extraordinary restaurant that has embraced various risks to become the ultimate destination for the lovers of Italian cuisines. One of the best meals at the classic restaurant is the Truffled Beef Carne that is served with Salsify Chips, and it makes the visitors leave the restaurant with a smile due to its great taste (Sutton 1). Once the clients have a taste of the unique cuisine; they are assured of coming back for more. When great meals meet excellent service in a unique ambiance, the customers are guaranteed of enjoying a great experience.

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Del Posto menu

Apart from the truffled beef carne, there are other delicious meals such as the Poached Atlantic Halibut, Pear Crostata Fig Conserverva, Bauletti, Rosa Biscuits, Bitter Herbs Lettuces, and Chicories. These meals are the best Italian cuisines as they were introduced long time ago, and they have become the most special delicacies over the years. Thus, Del Posto remains one of the few restaurants that have embraced the best Italian meals as compared to many other joints.

It is not surprising that the best Del Posto’s recipes never leave the walls of the kitchen, this is to prevent unhealthy competition from other competitors who may want to steal the recipes. Protecting the uniqueness and authenticity of the restaurant makes it retain its glory as the best Italian joint in the New York (Addison 1). For instance, eating Bauletti at Del Posto will give a client a unique experience as compared to other restaurants that offer Italian food. Del Posta uses these ingredients; ground beef, sweet sour, grated fresh ginger, sage leaves, tomato paste, grated parmesan cheese, mozzarella, salt and pepper, olive oil, butter, and sheets of lasagna to prepare Bauletti. To prepare the delicacy, melted butter is spread with sage leaves, grated ginger and finely chopped onions and olive oil are added to the pan with the melted cheese and sage leaves. After it simmers for about 10 minutes, ground beef is added together with salt, tomato paste, and pepper to add taste and is again left to simmer for 10 minutes. A few tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese are to complete the Bauletti. After boiling lasagna sheets, they are put in the salted water in a greased dish and then each sheet is chopped into two parts. These ingredients are then stacked in pasta envelopes and baked in an oven for approximately 20 minutes until they attain a golden color. The Bauletti is then served while hot and accompanied by drinks.

A restaurant review example

As mentioned earlier, the service at the restaurant is at the top notch; and is accompanied by soothing music from distinguished saxophonists and guitarist who entertain the guest. This makes the restaurant suitable for romantic dates as people can enjoy memorable moments in the ambiance. The décor in the restaurant is one of its own as it is unique, and if one takes a picture inside the restaurant, people will notice the unique background. Unlike other restaurants which restrict clients from taking photos inside the restaurants, the Del Posta has allowed its customers to take as many photos as they want. The beautiful lightings make the restaurant even more colorful and give the guests a luxurious feel.

The Del Posto has managed to win the hearts of many clients and retained its loyal customers due to its unique features. First, they offer private dining and customized tables according to the clients' preference, thus; giving a great experience to the guest. Also, they have impeccable time management schedules that enable the guest to save both time and money in making reservations. For instance, one can make a table reservation five minutes before checking into the restaurant; thus, there are no unnecessary commotions in finding suitable tables. Also, the same case applies to making an order for food and drinks. Such excellent services will always draw the attention of new clients and make them want to come back several times, just to experience the great service time after time. There are also devised menus that are exclusive at the private dining for clients who prefer a more convivial style (Sifton 1). Hence, making the experience outstanding and one to be remembered by many. There is also room for corporate gatherings for guests, and they sit on beautifully decorated roundtables. The place is suitable for family parties, and can comfortably cater for approximately forty-five guests. Thus, most birthday, corporate, and family parties in the New York are done at the restaurant. This helps to market the restaurant to new clients through the word of mouth and photography.

The Del Posto remains the best Italian restaurant not only in the New York but in many other states in the US due to its uniqueness. Incorporating excellent service, relaxing ambiance, and well prepared Italian delicacies guarantee the clients a great experience that they cannot find in any other Italian restaurant. The time management system is efficient and helps the clients to make early reservations, thus; it is easy for them to impress their friends and family members. Lastly, their prices are fair; and the clients always get value for their money. Hence, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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