Essay Example: Research on Nursing Grand Rounds

Published: 2023-05-01
Essay Example: Research on Nursing Grand Rounds
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Nursing grand rounds is a program which enables staff nurses to participate and share their knowledge and nursing practices at the health facilities contributing a unique workforce of nursing. Consequently, improving health care and patients experience. From the case study provided, the research finding showing nurses prefer online recording differs from the number of nurses that accessed the platform after the implementation of NGR due to the bias and the study power. First, most of the medical research is summarized and represented by the y-value (Allen, 2017). Unfortunately, y-value is not most suitable for interpreting research findings, which led to the difference in the outcomes after the implementation of NGR.

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Furthermore, bias may influence the difference between the research finding and the results after the implementation of NGR. Bias entails the combination of various data, design, presentation, and analyze factors that tend to provide the research findings when they are not supposed to be produced. More so, bias enhances the manipulation of the analysis of the findings. Thus, the study combined data and analysis on how nurses prefer online recording of NGR programs leading to different results after execution (Allen, 2017).

Additionally, the power of the study may influence the research finding of the nurses that prefer online recording of NGR, whereby the researchers conducted interviews and questionnaires to a few nurses and concluded that most prefer online services, which is not the case after the execution of the NGR (Allen, 2017). Therefore, interrogating few nurses on accessing NGR attributed to the difference in the results after the implementation of the program.

Generalization of research findings means the act of perception involving broad interpretations from specific observations (Branch, & Pennypacker, 2013). According to the case study of nurses preferring online recording, the researchers did not plan on how to use various factors of design, for instance, the participants and experimental treatments. The differences in the research findings with the results after the execution of NGR shows that the researchers did not plan to generalize conclusions as the study was not externally valid. This means that the research findings did not apply to other settings except the initial testing as fewer nurses used online recording.

Moreover, the research findings did get generalized, as the researchers examined a less population of nurses. Thus, there was no need to plan for generalization of the results as the study entails the research of some group of nurses. Also, the study findings only show the nurses who preferred accessing NGR through online platforms neglecting the desire of the other nurses (Branch, & Pennypacker, 2013).

The limitations of the research get located at the beginning of the discussion part of the article. Thus, enabling the nurses to understand the limitations before studying the rest of the findings. The limitations are used to identify the validity of the research, either externally or internally. Through the constraints of the research, nurses can suggest more research regarding the article presented by the researchers (Allen, 2017).

Subsequently, nurses can find the generalizability of the outcomes in the conclusions section of the article. The parts entail the extensions of the findings examined from a sample of the population to represent the large population. Whereby the generalize of the outcomes get influenced by the number of people. Hence, the larger the population sample, the more the results get generalized. Quantitative research provides broad generalizability due to the study of large populations.

In conclusion, the case study on nurses preferring to access NGR through online platforms shows different results due to various biases when designing the research. Also, the research lacks generalization due to the study of one particular population of nurses preferring online platforms to access NGR. Therefore, the researchers should use appropriate design and data to enable the effectiveness of the case study.


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