Report Paper on the Psychological Conflicts Faced by the Children in Foster Care

Published: 2022-08-26
Report Paper on the Psychological Conflicts Faced by the Children in Foster Care
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The children in foster care categorically those who have experienced the sexual abuse thereby giving birth at a tender age require a nurturing atmosphere in which their psychological needs can be resolved (Harold & Leve 2018). It is imperative to note that, this category of clients do experience acute mental as well as the physical disturbances resulting in unexpected conflict with the close members in entire the society. Notably, the children in the foster care to experience a higher rate of externalization and internalization behavior challenges which poised a detrimental effects on both the cognitive, behavioral as well as the adaptive functions of the which results into erroneous conflict (Harold & Leve 2018).

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Comments on Under Medicating the Client

Conversely, by adopting a system of under medicating the foster patients, the client seems to benefit since Remeron prescription only intends to treat and lower the level of depression by restoring a balance of chemicals in the brain. On the other hand, the under medication approach also aims to lower some of the psychological complications such as post-traumatic stress disorders (Bradley 2018).

Psychological Trauma Experienced by Young Teen Mothers

The mental often suffered by young teen mothers includes constant depression accompanied by mood swings, sadness, anxiety, difficulties in sleeping as well as trouble in eating(Laub 2018). Notably, the postpartum depression also tends to traumatize the mothers who in the long run affect the mental states. Besides, teenage mothers are more likely to experience an acute level of stress which can increase mental health disorder (Laub 2018).

The Cycle of Repeated Behavior

Most of the clients in foster care are victims of repeated behaviors such as prolonged neglect and happened abuse without experiencing a stable nurturing environment (Plummer & Cossins 2018). Notably, the circles of repeated behavior are highly prevalent among the foster care children abused or neglected. Tentatively, the circle is often experienced when children use their bad and weird experiences such as mistreatment and violence and often use them as a means of parenting their children (Dal Bo & Frechette 2018).


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