Essay Example on Proper Customer Service

Published: 2019-09-04
Essay Example on Proper Customer Service
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The first task assigned to me as the Deputy Customer Service Manager for the KV Airways Company was to describe the best Customer Service Practices that the Travel and Tourism Industry embrace. The KV Airways Company is a rising company and to reach the top market, the Director of the company entrusted me with the job of learning from the best in the industry. Good customer service provision accompanies with it several benefits. The success of businesses in the Travel and Tourism Industry credits the use of the best customer service practices.There are several benefits associated with an institution providing excellent customer services in service delivery. To begin with, the company has a good reputation, as the rest of the world perceives it. This is evident in the Virgin Atlantic Airlines, whose reputation gains it more customers. Good reputation comes along with the company achieving high sales as observed from the sales of the Virgin Atlantic Airlines. In addition to having good reviews from its customers and travel agencies, the company gains great recommendations and success. The Hilton Hotel worldwide chain credits its long-term success and longevity from the provision of good customer services. Both the Virgin Atlantic Airlines and the Hilton Hotel offer the best customer services in their line of work. This contributes to their longevity and success in the Travel and Tourism Industry. To understand some of the best customer service techniques provided by these companies, we assumed two customer types that include an elderly person and a physically challenged person who uses a wheelchair.

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On such an occasion, the Virgin Atlantic Airlines follows a certain procedure to achieve the best results. A person with any form of disability including an elderly or a physically challenged person should report to the airlines office about 48 hours before their flight occurs. They provide a range of services and accommodation options to assist those with special needs. The airline also has some restrictions including a physically challenged person cannot board the upper deck of the flight. There are also no stretchers in their flights. The airline provides special seating supports for such a case. The seats offer spinal and posture support for increased comfort of the customer. It also has readily available toilets that are onboard the plane. Airbus planes that operate on long lug routes have a fully wheelchair-accessible toilet. The cabin crew assists the passengers to and from the toilet door. The Hilton Hotel also offer quality services to customers with such disabilities.

On the other hand, the Hilton Hotel offers a range of quality services to cater for those with disabilities. To start with, the front entrance provides a ramp entry for the physically challenged. The ground floor and the main lobby area is level with full access hence able to cater everyone including the physically challenged and the elderly. The concierge of the Hilton Hotel can attend to all the guests and their wishes. They also rearrange rooms including the room toilet and bathrooms to cater for the guest. The concierge can also add several modifications to cater for the needs of the guest. The service mainly targets those with various disabilities and the elderly.

In conclusion, the quality of the customer services provided by the institutions in the Travel and Tourism Industry determine the success of the organization. Poor results are an effect of poor services rendered to the customers. There are major players in the Travel and Tourism Industry, and for a new company to make an impact on this industry, the company should provide quality services to the customers it currently receives. On this occasion, the KV Airways should make sure its clients receive the best customer service to get good reviews from them.

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