Reduction of Potential Waste - Free Essay in Waste Management

Published: 2019-12-13
Reduction of Potential Waste - Free Essay in Waste Management
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Some people advocate more for prevention rather than cure they argue that instead of making materials that will be used briefly then discarded, people should learn to do things without them. For instance, manufacturing companies should focus on products with less packaging. Most of these packages are used very briefly and discarded and in most cases, clients can do without them. One method that can be adopted by these manufacturing companies is encouraging clients to come with their own or first packages to be refilled at subsequent purchases. Collection of waste is normally done by local authorities of most countries at regular intervals. Several factors are considered in the frequency of garbage collection such as the weather condition of the area. In hot areas, it is recommended that garbage is collected as frequently as possible to reduce smell and decay that would be in homes.

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Waste Hierarchy

There is the waste hierarchy that is commonly known as the 3Rs. The three Rs are recycling, reuse and reduce the amount of waste and they are used depending on the level of waste minimization required. The cornerstone of waste minimization is in the waste hierarchy and the intention is to extract as much usefulness from the waste materials as much as possible. The hierarchy is shown in the form of a pyramid since it provides the guidance of how act and reduce the generation of waste materials. The second step is to ensure that waste is minimized through reusing the waste that is already available. The final step would include recycling which also entails composting. These steps are crucial in converting waste materials to energy.

Advantages of Proper Waste Management Practices

Energy can be obtained from the processes of landfill and combustion where this is the final action of disposal. It can also be done through incineration which would result in very little energy. This step is normally taken after waste that has not been prevented or diverted or recovered is still available. This hierarchy shows the life cycle of any product. Waste should be taken care of with regards to future use. If it is handled correctly it can be used as a valuable resource through practice and policy. If consistent waste management practices are employed, then there is a potential for profits in all businesses. Proper waste management practices can boost the economic state of a country or community. This can be done through using resources efficiently, treating and disposing as well as creating market for recycled products. The recycled products can be used in the production of other goods or services and would consequently drastically reduce the cost of production.

Proper waste management practices also help socially in that the health of people is taken care of as people do not have to deal with bacteria obtained from waste materials. It also leads to more attractive settlements as people do not see waste materials being thrown everywhere. A socially healthy environment can lead to employment opportunities and reducing the levels of poverty in many communities as well. Reducing the amount of waste is likely to lead to an environment that is friendly to human beings. The depletion of the ozone layer will be drastically reduced as well as improve the quality of air and water that people take. The economy is likely to improve overtime and favor all the people in the community.

The EU directive has objectives on waste management practices in their member countries. The aim of the directives is to reduce waste in totality using clean technology, recycling materials, disposal of garbage in safe ways with minimal harm to the environment and development of waste management plans. Other objectives include promote self-sufficiency in waste disposal and finally using waste as an energy source. Most European countries have more than 70% of energy obtained from incineration.

In conclusion, it is important and very necessary to educating the public in proper waste management practices ass this is not a personal affair but a community affair. When people understand the importance of these practices, they will take proactive action to improve the environment they live in. Days can also be set aside for educating the public on the importance of these practices as well. This will further emphasize the importance of waste management as well as make sure that it becomes a way of life for the people rather than a onetime thing. People should also be educated on the impact of proper waste management and taught ways of taking care of their waste.


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