Recruiting for Today's Workforce - HRM Essay Example for Free

Published: 2022-03-01
Recruiting for Today's Workforce - HRM Essay Example for Free
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Leading companies employ various unique and innovative strategies to attract top talents. Unlike the past, today's organizations focus on less reading of cover letters and resume, and more digital and casual interaction with potential candidates. Firms are tremendously moving from conventional recruitment methods to more modern and advanced mechanisms. Among the common techniques are open-ended job postings, video interviews, social media, and gamification.

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Modern companies prefer posting job opportunities without job titles or specifications. This strategy is aimed at attracting more professional individuals and not merely skills. It also attracts candidates who are more focused on the company and its mission rather than their area of study. Video interviews is the second strategy that has become prevalent in the market (Orlitzky, 2007). Video interviews minimize time and resources and enable the firm interview many candidates within a short period. Additionally, it is useful in weeding out some candidates and remaining with few more qualified applicants.

Similarly, companies use the social media to access a wide range of individuals in the technical industry. Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are good sites to find potential recruits. It also a faster and efficient way for a firm to share job postings and build relationships with top talents in the industry (Rana, 2015). Finally, a company can use gamification to beat the "talent war" in the industry. Gamification involves using video games to recruit employees by posing practical challenges that require job skills. This strategy associates the company with things people enjoy such as games hence testing a skill for potential employees. It not only increases brand awareness but also introduces new applicants who in first place were not aware of the job in your industry (Orlitzky, 2007).

These strategies have proved to be successful in today's competitive job market. Unique and innovative methods make a campaign gain a competitive edge and attract technical talents. Therefore, the company can use these methods and the following four strategies to attract new talents. These approaches include going undercover, referrals, contests, and interactive postings. In modern times, applicant lies that they are hardworking, skilled or professional without proving them. However, the company can go undercover to understand the real status of the applicant through meeting him or her in action or engaging in secret shoppers (Lievens & Chapman, 2009).

The company can also use referrals whereby they use their employees to refer them to top talents in the industry. Converting existing employees into talent scouts and giving them a bonus in return is the best method large brands use. Unlike traditional recruitment methods, referrals are cost-effective and build trust among the employees and new talents. Nevertheless, the company can use contests to test the skills of their potential employees. Engaging individuals in competition will enable the firm to observe a hardworking and ambitious individual who can be a great resource to the organization. Contests will also attract a pool of contestants who will try their best to show their innovative skills that will be vital for the company. Eventually, the firm will identify top talents among the contestants (Orlitzky, 2007).

Finally, the company can use interactive postings to garner attention in applicants. In the technical industry, top talents want to see information that is not only about job duties and requirements. The firm can attract these individuals through posting advertisements that show the teams they will be working with, the organization's culture, and technologies at their disposal (Lievens & Chapman, 2009). As a result, the posting will be eye-catching and will attract skilled applicants.


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