Essay Sample on Psychological Approach in Emily Dickison's "I am nobody! Who are you?"

Published: 2023-08-29
Essay Sample on Psychological Approach in Emily Dickison's "I am nobody! Who are you?"
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The poem “I am nobody! Who are you?” by Emily Dickinson is an interesting one since it narrates how somebody lives as well as how nobody lives. The poetess uses the poem to describe a nobody as an individual who never sees any significance in their life, nor do they prioritize themselves. Nobody is considered within the poem as an individual who only considers other peoples` rights but not theirs. The author describes somebody in the poem as someone who considers himself or herself the most privileged, yet they prefer being respected and loved. The psychological approach is evident in the poem through the way the author describes how different people perceive themselves in the world.

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The author presents how the psychological approaches continue to impact on the way people see themselves in today's world. Because of the social pressures existing in today's world, even the smallest poem seems to impact people greatly. That can be seen when looking back to the initial days when classic literature emerged. That is when the revolution was greatly impacted by various poets and poetesses seeking to have a new beginning through their writing skills (Dickinson 12). There is a good analysis of the literature which serves as a form of confessional poetry. Everyone can agree with such perception since the author applies the simile and metaphor figure of speeches, which can be used in providing a better comparison of the equate, unlike things in similarity. There is a quick turn of mood once the author begins to emphasize more on the reader.

Formulation of the poem helps people point out themselves in a comical way while providing people with an opportunity to ask about the psychological well-being of others. The poem helps people in knowing themselves better while helping in understanding how people live in a fancy world. One can use the poem in answering a child who may be having endless questions concerning their existence and that of his or her parents. The kind of people that recognize themselves and provide an honest description of their lives can be called true and honest people.

The kind of question that is asked in the poem can be used by anybody to ask about their lives and that of others. Nevertheless, one needs to ask such questions in a very tactical manner since such questions can oppress others. One should never ask others such questions bitterly or harshly but should use a polite tone to receive the relevant answers. Asking the questions in that manner does not only provide one with the relevant answers but also helps one in gaining respect from others (Elorz 35). An individual feels happy once he or she finds another individual with whom they share different psychological aspects. If an individual is a "somebody" within the community, then they do not keep that as a secret. However, once he or she is a "nobody," then that is kept as a secret.

In conclusion, the author uses the poem to depict her true nature. The author presents her capability of explaining different approaches lightly. The author illustrates how some people consider themselves superior to others, which makes them think that the world needs to revolve around them while not seeing any signs of other people. Such people that consider themselves "somebody" is always addicted to their behavior while never considering giving anything to others. However, they expect to receive things from other people.

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