Essay Sample on Protective and Resilient Factors

Published: 2023-08-29
Essay Sample on Protective and Resilient Factors
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Proactive factors are the conditions and qualities in people, families, communities, and society that will, when exhibited, alleviate the risk in families and communities will increase the wealth and health of the children and family. There are about six protective factors that strengthen the families and assist in the development of the children and their resilience. The factors include parental resilience, support in times of need, social connection, parenting knowledge, child development, the children's social and emotional competencies, and nurturing and attachments.

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One of the ways the protective factors help in support of the child development of resilience is the presence of good concrete support during the needy times and social connections. Assistance can come from either family or friends, the neighbors, and the large community. Social connections give emotional support, give parenting advice, solve problems, and assist the parents. A social connection and network connection to the child and parents is important as they can get advice and support from the support network. Another source of social connection and support is the presence of a cultural identity that is strong as well as a supportive religious community.

The support network is important to the children for their health. It helps them to acquire a very strong sense of cultural history, allowing them to form a positive cultural identity. They get a sense of belonging, building their self-esteem as well as resilience, reducing their depression, isolation, and experience. Another factor that is important in support of child resilience in development is support in times of need. For the family to thrive, there must be the provision of basic needs, including food, shelter, healthcare, and clothing. Both the parents and the children need to have the basic needs. During crisis times, for instance, domestic violence and substance use, the family support system assist in the prevention of inadvertent neglect that can occur when parents are incapable of providing for the children.

Parental resilience is also a role that is played by the protective factors in supporting the resilience in child development, such as having parents who can deal with the daily stresses and life crisis. Resilience in parents can be able to bounce back from challenges arising in the family daily. The parental resilience includes finding different ways to solve problems and getting aware of problem-solving and how to ask for help when needed, as well as the formation and maintenance of the trust relationship for the children.

Having some good knowledge of parenting and child development is important in support of child development and child resilience. If parents provide affection to their children, it can promote independence and the child's self-esteem, civilization, and polite communication as well as listening rules as well as the rules and the expectation that will be applied consistently. The children are then able to develop and grow in healthy environments. Effective parenting, therefore, helps children to ensure success in school life, and it can encourage them to become more curious about the present world.

Finally, having continued exposure to an abusive relationship can have some effects that influence child development. Also, there is an increased vulnerability that causes long-term damage to psychological well-being. It is paramount to have available protective factors in the developing environment to children who are adapted to abusive relationships.


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