Project on Learning Needs - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-29
Project on Learning Needs - Essay Sample
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All individual of different ages can experience problems related to sleep; insufficient sleep can have substantial biological and psychological effects on a person's health or wellbeing, including the inability to fully concentrate as well as retain information learned, affect mood, harm motor skills, and low overall body and its natural defense mechanism (Ming et al., 2011). Insufficient falling to sleep is therefore categorized by sleep and wake challenges, which as a result of daytime living actions which are uneven with the preservation of sufficient rest as well as an individual's level of alertness during daytime. It is important to note that these problems are shared among the school going, children and adolescents.

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Identification and Description of Learning Need

Conferring to the 9th “Edition of Community and Public Health Nursing Promoting Public's Health,” adolescents state is categorized and a phrase of discovery, a shift towards an individual's self-reliance, increased opportunities, and pivotal decisions that impact a person's reminder of life. Adolescent typically begins art age withy puberty, and this includes ages ten to age 24 and; therefore, high school group fall under the middle adolescent classification. It is important to note that the tasks of adolescents remain relatively rigid (Najafi et al., 2018. It is also essential to know that adolescents ought to become autonomous, and when they lack this, it can significantly affect their sleep habits. Therefore, the need for learning, in this case, would be the relationship between sleep deprivation and depression levels among the high school children.

Lack of sleep has adverse effects and impacts an individual functioning of the emotional regulation circuit of the brain. According to research by Illingworth et al., 2019, people who do not get enough night sleep respond with increase emotions to stressors. One of the studies conducts the reaction of adolescents to stressors after asleep deprived night (Young et al., 2010). The outcomes of the study showed that these high school students found stressful situations more threatening than and another student. Therefore, addressing the issue of stress deprivation and its consequences on the student's depression levels ought to de addressed in totality. It is important to note that there are many works of literature and studies conducted concerning the impacts of stress and students. Most of the research aims at addressing the effects of lack of sleep on the overall student GPA, anxiety, and suicide (Najafi et al., 2018). However, there is not sufficient evidence to address the issue of depression due to lack of sleep and how it impacts high school students.

How Learning Need Was Identified

By examining the relevant resources concerning the effects of sleep deprivation on high school students and all students in general, I identified that there was a need to further research on this issue. It is, therefore, important to emphasize the need for health intervention regarding depression as adolescence is a critical stage that is characterized by increased social and habitual habits that are especially vital for mental wellness (Johnson, 2018). Therefore, it is crucial to make the available resources into the know on the effects and the importance of enough sleep out there and accessible to students as it provides them with the necessary knowledge to buttle depression. It also helps them understand the critical role sleep plays in mental wellness and depression.


The main goal is to examine the available literature and knowledge available in addressing depression and its relation to the lack of sleep in high school students. Through this goal, we can determine what amount of research ought to be carried out to understand the prevalence effectively and the effects sleep deprivation has concerning depression and how does these impact the student in general.

Learning Objectives

Cognitive: after an hour of the sessional classes, review the participants' lectures mastery will be able to determine there understanding of the prevalence of depression in relation to lack of sleep

Affective: after 30 minutes of literature review and discussion, the participants should be able to air their opinion effectively and though on the issue of sleep and depression.

Psychomotor: after the demonstration of the Kutcher Adolescent Depression Scale (KADS), the participants will therefore be able to assess their stress levels and be able to indent their risk levels to depression (Williams, 2009).


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