Free Essay Example on Product Disassembly

Published: 2019-11-12
Free Essay Example on Product Disassembly
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Product disassembly, also known as product attribute analysis is the process through which an existing product(s) is taken part, reviewed, and redesigned. Design for disassembly is a design in which the manufactured product and its parts can be re-manufactured, recycled, refurbished, or reused. Due to its several benefits, the designing of Shaving oil bottles will be subject to disassembly in order to provide room for repair or upgrade of the designed bottles, hence enhancing and prolonging their usefulness.

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For easier product disassembly or responsible recycling of the products, the bottles will be designed for plastic manufacturing, so that the related plastic recyclers can easily reprocess the newly emerging or trending designs. The recycling and sustainable packaging capabilities will have to address the concerns of source materials, minimize the environmental impacts, and create both direct and indirect benefits to the Hugo Boss Company and their targeted market audience. The recyclable design of these bottles will help reduce the business costs of production and operation, and subsequently improving the corporate image from consumers perspective. Other recyclable materials can be used for the manufacture of these bottles, such as glass. However, plastic will still remain as the best option since plastic bottles can easily be re-shaped during new designs. For instance, it will be easier to design contoured bottles for the purpose of easy grip or easy hold.

For the purpose of product design disassembling, plastic material is preferred here due to its easy recycling potential. Plastic is a material that is made of a widely ranging synthetic and/or semi-synthetic organic compounds, which are malleable and capable of being designed or modeled into diverse shapes of solid objects. Thereby, it is the most preferred design material here due to its relatively low cost and ease of manufacturing, imperviousness to both water and oils, and its high versatility. Nearly all plastic products are 100% recyclable.

Product Comparison

The market analysis for the shaving oil bottling products will be conducted in order to find out more about existing products in the market. This will also help to access and compare how successful the products have been designed in order to help improve the current product, packaging, modification, presentation, and market penetration. The disassembling capabilities of these bottle products will allow for the analysis of both good and bad features in relations to the competitors products. This will allow for the bad features to be redesigned and faced out, while the good features of the products will be strengthened, hence offering a competitive edge/advantage to the products, and in relations to the competitors bottle products.

The product comparison here will involve both design comparison, technology used, the cost of production, alongside market penetration comparison. Currently, there are several bottle manufactures, some of which include CKS Design and Packaging, SKS Bottle & Packaging, M&H Plastics, Alpha Packaging, Lifefactory, Comotomo, Tommee Tippee, and Phillips Avent Natural Glass. While the Lifefactory, Comotomo, Tommee Tippee, and Phillips Avent Natural Glass major on the manufacture of Baby bottles, M&H Plastics, Alpha Packaging , CKS Design and Packaging, SKS Bottle & Packaging generally focus on the design, production and packaging of bottle products, alongside other plastic products. The companies that deal in the sole manufacture of baby bottles will not pose any big challenge or competition to our prospect company. However, products from companies such as M&H Plastics, CKS Design and Packaging, SKS Bottle & Packaging are quite similar or related to our design products, hence they will pose heavy market competition, and the only way to compete positively within the market will be to design bottles that are of quality, attractive, and outstanding within the target market. Additional advantage is that some of these competing companies deal with the production of both plastic and glass bottle products, while our design and production will distinctively be on plastic bottles.

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