Problems Teachers Face in Classrooms - Free Paper Example

Published: 2023-11-09
Problems Teachers Face in Classrooms - Free Paper Example
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Generally, teachers are always bound to face various classroom problems when dealing with younger students or older ones, and sometimes these problems might be related to the school that the teacher teaches at. In many cases, these problems are usually brought about by students making it hard for some teachers to perform their duties. Specifically, new or teachers with less experienced are the most affected ones mainly because they lack enough or better strategies to deal with these students. Consequently, teachers are always advised to work with parents to ensure the smooth running of class activities and have maximum control over stubborn students. In a class setting, teachers are expected to face many problems, for instance, a lot of paperwork that is usually given to them by students. This happens mostly when a teacher has to deal with a huge number of students.

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In a modern-day class setting, a teacher is usually handed many roles to perform by the school management. For instance, they are expected to act as a social worker, counselor especially when some students need some guidance for better mental health and teach at the same time. Therefore, teachers’ problems in the classroom are connected back to the school management, while others are mainly caused due to poor parenting.

Literature Review

The studies that were mainly used in this section focused mainly on the challenges teachers face in the classroom while conducting their teaching practice. Statistically, many researchers or scholars have managed to analyze some of the problems that the majority of teachers face in a classroom setting, which gives them a hard time while teaching, thereby affecting student performance in the long run. While there were a significant number of studies that concentrated on this issue, only a few analyzed the problems that teachers face, especially in a classroom setting. In this study, research mainly focused on recent studies done to prove these challenges. For instance, in a study conducted by Ulla et al., they found out that a heavy teaching load is one of the most significant challenges that teachers face in a classroom setting (Ulla et al., 2017). According to them, a heavy teaching load usually arises due to the few teachers available in schools to conduct a given lesson.

Technically, when few teachers are available to conduct a given lesson, it forces the fewer teachers to be assigned longer classes which can be hectic for them. This can mostly be seen in teachers conducting complex subjects. When this occurs, these teachers tend to be absent-minded sometimes or exhausted, thereby having various challenges while teaching (Ulla et al., 2017). For instance, they can easily lead to poor student performance mainly because they will be unable to offer their best services to students. In this case, a teacher might start taking less time teaching in a class session and focus more on composing themselves or giving students a lot of assignments, then fail to check them. For instance, a teacher will get to class exhausted, teach for a given period of time then advise students to get into group discussions for the rest of the class. When this is conducted for a prolonged period, it will be hard for students to understand some aspects of a topic or subject they are learning.

The research done by Ulla et al. is related to this study mainly because it tries to explain some of the problems that teachers face in the classroom. They focus their research on one problem, which is a heavy teaching load. In relation to the researcher’s wondering, a heavy teaching load can greatly impact both the teacher and students simply because teachers will now focus less on offering quality services and try to care about their own well-being. If the situation persists, these teachers might stop enjoying teaching practice, thereby quitting in the long run. The lesson learned from the researcher’s wondering is that teachers need to be given a humble time so that they can perform their duties. In this case, the amount of work allocated to them should always be reasonable, making it easy for them to enjoy their duties and enhance better learning experiences within a school setting.

Further, Kara and Demir focused their discussion on trying to understand some of the challenges that new teachers face in classrooms and various strategies that they can employ to ensure that they cope with these problems. In their article, Kara and Demir found out that new teachers’ greatest challenges in a classroom setting are poor classroom management (Kara & Demir, 2019). According to them, poor classroom management usually leads to teacher stress and burnout mostly because of the many disruptions caused by students. Further, they explain that the school is responsible for classroom management (Kara & Demir, 2019). This means that every school should always ensure that classrooms are well managed to enhance effective learning within the institution and promote teachers’ well-being. Alternatively, Kara and Demir state that poor classroom management can simply lead to a lack of focus on teaching practices and a hostile learning environment, mainly caused by stressed teachers who find themselves in difficult situations where they have to deal with disruptive students (Kara & Demir, 2019). Due to poor classroom management, teachers can easily overpraise their students for some expected behavior, leading to lower expectations. An analysis of the results obtained from Kara and Demir’s research is related to this study mainly because they try to show various challenges teachers face.

In addition, Saeed Al-Sobhi and Preece discuss how limitations of student disciplining have become a challenge that teachers face in the classroom. According to them, a number of students in a classroom might not be well mannered, which means that they might show some serious disrespect towards teachers, and the rules formulated by the school to control or stop these students might be tiresome to teachers (Saeed Al-Sobhi & Preece, 2018). Discipline is a very important element to enhance a conducive learning environment. Therefore, for teachers to focus more on teaching and bring out the best from their students, discipline should always be observed. Alternatively, they add that when students are well behaved, it gives teachers an easy time so that they can focus more on educating students, teachers feel respected by students making it easier for them to perform their roles mainly because they understand students need them (Saeed Al-Sobhi & Preece, 2018). Student discipline is a great challenge that teachers face, especially in the modern world, mainly because many of them believe that their parents can get them out of any situation that they might get caught up in, while others might have behavior problems based on the challenges they face at home.

After completing this study, the researcher expects to make teachers understand strategies that they can employ to deal with their problems. In addition, the study will also help learners, and other researchers understand challenges teachers face, then come up with possible solutions that can be used to help them.

Significantly, data collection is always required for the completion of any research. Therefore, a researcher is required to employ the use of different data collection tools that can be vital to ensure data collection is accurate for the study. Qualitative data was collected to help the researcher analyze every aspect provided to ensure a successful study. For instance, they were working with parents to ensure control of student behavior. Alternatively, the following data collection tools were used for the completion of this study.

Field Notes

For successful data collection, the researcher had to ensure that field notes were recorded immediately after beginning the fieldwork. In this case, data was collected after meeting the target population to enable the researcher to record every experience met during the research process. Importantly, field notes were mainly used because of their descriptive nature. They enable an individual to record descriptions in a detailed form to analyze the time, date, behavior, observations, activities, settings, and conversations made within their fieldwork (Clifford, 2019). Through field notes, research can keep track of observations made during research, and they also help them interpret information through an analysis on subjective aspects and value-laden in a given research process (Clifford, 2019). Through the use of field notes, the researcher managed to observe student’s behavior as well as that of several teachers in class for a period of three months. During this time, every date was recorded and the behavior that occurred on those dates. This was mainly done to help the researcher interpret every detail that was provided. Data collected from field notes were formative and indicated that teachers face many challenges in classrooms, such as poor behavior from undisciplined students and stagnant technological devices. To take field notes, the researcher had to start by recording the exact quotes and comments made by participants to analyze data related to the study. Afterward, the researcher had to give a description of the observations made using participants’ perspectives. In this case, every observation was well explained in detailed form for better understanding. Lastly, the researcher had to describe any impact that they had on the observations made to analyze accurate data that only involved participants.


This tool was mainly used because it helps researchers be well-informed about the topic of study. Formative data was mainly collected for research completion. Through literature as data, researchers analyze various articles, books, journals, and other written documents that encompass research findings on a given topic (Ding & Stirling, 2016). For effective data collection using this tool, the researcher had to start by formulating keywords used when analyzing this article. This mainly aimed to select the most relevant materials that would be used for research and leave those that would provide less information on the topic. Further, an analysis was done on the selected articles where key data was extracted to complete the study.


Finally, parenting has a vital role in student behavior mainly because parenting styles are psychological constructs that help in a child’s emotional intelligence, make decisions, and enhance academic achievement in general (Jabbar et al., 2021). In this case, how a parent treats their children will significantly determine how they behave in class. Therefore, due to poor parenting, students are likely to become bullies to feel entitled. Moreover, teachers’ problems might also arise from the school management, especially when it places a lot of pressure on teachers for better performance, making them balance a variety of learning needs and offering stagnant technological devices.

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