Free Essay: Physical Therapist in the Military Field

Published: 2022-04-25
Free Essay: Physical Therapist in the Military Field
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The physical therapists in the army have unique experiences relevant to the army requirements. Arthur Colman and Stewart Baker conducted a study on utilizing the physical therapy for treatment in the military field. The physical therapy study exercise was applied to delinquent military recruits diagnosed of having failed to carry on due to physical disorders. The study aimed at helping such men adjust to Army requirements and return to the military duty. Different physical therapy measurements were obtained during the patient management. This included the magnitude and location of the individual's pain, description of the environmental and personal factors associated with the problem (Association, 2014). The measures at the pathology level and body structure indicated the success of one's intervention during medical care. However, the outcomes demonstrated that the physical therapy in the military field helps the individuals accomplish their tasks.

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According to Moore et al. (2013), the educational process of the physical therapist in the military field expands the clinical privileges and physician supervisor role as one prepares to work. Wainwright (2010) found out that the physical therapists in the military filed can treat and evaluate almost all the sick patients in the field of training and improve the dates to return to duty without any physician intervention. The role of the army physical therapist has continued to expand territories to meet new challenges in national assistance, peacemaking, and humanitarian missions.

Military therapists are always ready and willing to provide medical care during operational deployment regardless of the emergencies and hostility. The versatility of the physical therapist practice in the military field enables the army diagnoses musculoskeletal injuries in patients and also provides other definite care and rehabilitation. The physical therapy services with improved delivery of skills enhance immediate access to medication at the point of injury (Association, 2014). This allows the healthcare team to work at the highest levels of inconveniences and also reduces the cost of medication.


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