Personal Values Reflection Paper Sample

Published: 2020-04-27
Personal Values Reflection Paper Sample
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Personal values have a significant influence on our daily lives. The improvement of our qualities is an ongoing process and is liable to change given what we feel is most critical to us. Life is brimming with wanders aimlessly and may make us correct our needs. Nonetheless, as a human being it is crucial to comprehending what our qualities are and how we can advantage those that we serve. Additionally, everyone has their beliefs, ethical standards and morals that they live by. During our daily social interactions, we learn what is ethical and unethical, what moral rules and norms to uphold, as well as, what to give to the society and ourselves. However, these aspects are embraced by the non-material culture that sheds light on universal values and codes that are accepted in different cultural settings (Singer, 2004). I believe that culture is a diverse environment that influences ones autonomy, integrity, justice, beneficence and least harm.

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Ideally, certain beliefs that make us live in a particular way as opposed to what and how our friends do. The self is important, and it influences who we are, what we think of and what we do. First, I have a belief in the supernatural God, and my family is all Christians whereby I have been raised in a particular way and do different things in a certain way. I feel that I have different styles of living where my values and ethics differ from my friends and what I get from the Bible scriptures. I respect the gift of live and I have felt to show compassion to other people and abide by the Christian golden rule; Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you (Singer, 2004). Additionally, my parents have encouraged me to be kind and loved everyone I meet. Such an idea has made me never judge anyone I meet without an apparent consent whom they are. However, my life in college has shaped my ethics, morals and personal values as we take new challenges on a daily basis.

I am loyal to myself, and I always love to have a peace of mind. The respect for autonomy has enabled such loyalty that is embedded in me. Accordingly, self-respect or respect for autonomy embraces one to reign over themselves and make concrete decisions that apply to what they are. It, therefore, connotes that people have the right to control their lives since they understand their lives completely. I respect my emotions, motivations and my body in an intimate manner (Levitt and Hartwig, 2013). I eat healthily; do as much exercise as I can, to my best to alleviate stress especially after the daily chores. Additionally, I attend to our local physician for medical and health check-ups, frequently. I never allow any stressful activity occupy my mind, and I love being happy. During weekends, I find it enjoyable to go out with friends to skate, and I find it healthy and enjoyable. I can say respect to ones autonomy is the best moral experience ever.

From my background, I have learned to respect other people and their property. Therefore, I stand by the truth, and I like being just hence I prefer doing what is good. Doing the right thing has allowed me solve the most challenging decisions or dilemmas in life. For example, I heard my friend that he has been requesting extra fees from his father for his semester tuition. His father was disabled with a sight problem and most cases he allowed he access the money from his account and have his fees paid. However, Peter has been withdrawing excess cash and lying to his father to use it for personal issues. Peter claimed to me he had done this for the last two years.

He was my great friend whom we skated together, went out together and spent weekends together. However, I felt that was not right. I approached his mother and informed her about it for her to talk to Peter. Such an idea was a dilemma, but doing the right and respecting him as a friend would shape his moral life. However, from a utilitarian grounds I would let him bring the money we use it together. Levitt and Hartwig (2013) argued that the principle of beneficence guides individuals on doing what is right. Sparing Peters malicious behavior would haunt me, but since I respect myself, I decided to go with the truth. After some time I apologized to him since I knew people have different moral values that I respected, also.

Confidentiality has been one of my core values transforming my cognitive aspect. Through such an aspect, I have grown mature enough of in the line of my work. Such an idea follows the fact that my job assignments have classified information authorized for some particular individuals to handle. Confidentiality has allowed choosing who and what to discuss with my friends especially my job responsibilities, conceal any classified information properly. Additionally, I value and remain the person whom I come in contact when coming and out of my job.

In case of any confidential information leaks out to emerge as rumors, I cannot confirm or deny such information, but I let them know that I cannot have the liberty to discuss such rumors. I can say that confidentiality has built the just self in me. Justice embraces prescribing fair actions to the individual involved. Making an ethical decision not to discuss rumors gives me the confidence of who I am. Such an act has an extenuating outcome that its decision to do or not saves one's consciousness and trust (Penslar, 2005). I uphold justice dearly because I know any decision that is made on just grounds is logically consistent with the facts of the situation at hand.

Lastly, I have the passion that other people should enjoy whom they are. I always want my friends enjoy their freedoms at whatever cost. Such an idea reminded me when I went for suspension in high school to cover my close friend who was insulted by our English teacher. John was alleged to have spent one of his Fridays in a night club, which was illegal according to the school moral stipulations. However, I had spent the weekend with him, and I was sure he never went, I wrote to the teacher explaining the matter, which appeared rude. Unfortunately, I was suspended for such a sycophant idea. Though I knew I was right, I let John stay in school as I took the punishment. I believe that I choose to do the least harm, which I always do, to let my friend enjoy his freedom in school. The least damage ensures that the actors choice is not beneficial (Ridely, 2008).

In conclusion, I believe that people across the different societies have diverse moral values and ethics. Such ideas vary from one person to the other, from culture to the other and from the community to another. I have had a spiritual background that has influenced my confidentiality, respect for autonomy, respect to others and being loyal to different people. I do not take rumors discussions as I believe they do not have a good outcome. On another hand, I have been able to build a strong conscience that does the right thing to avoid challenging dilemmas in life. I am proud of my values that I believe they will change as I grow though I welcome such changes since they are educative. My goal is not to be blind to the truth, as I mold my values around it.


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