Free Essay: Personal Life Experience

Published: 2019-10-28
Free Essay: Personal Life Experience
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My father worked as an interpreter with the U.S. Army when we still lived in Iraq. He whole heartedly believed that his job was to help both the Americans and Iraqi people. In my homeland, there were some evil people who wished bad luck for our family because of our involvement in the aid program. They tried to damage my country and they wanted to keep people sad and with immense suffering at all times. They did not give them any chance of realizing their dreams. One night, when we were getting ready to take dinner, a stranger knocked at our door and asked for my father. In my countrys tradition, a guest is highly respected and his identity is never questioned. However, although we accepted this man into our house, he looked more of a Mafia. We later came to realize that the guy wasnt alone and his friends waited outside for orders to carry out an attack at our home.

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The reason he came to our house was to force my father to resign from his job and to manipulate him. He even went further to threaten daddy that they would either kidnap me or kill my mom. They told him that if he tried to escape, they would carry out terrible actions.

While my father tried to convince him that he was not doing anything wrong and insisted that his priority was the well-being of the Iraqi people, it was fruitless. He asked, "Why would you want to kill me or my wife?" But, the man claimed that he only followed orders from his boss and that there could be nothing done about it.

Thankfully, my father told his story to Captain Colin Pascal of the U.S. Army. He assured him that the American government never forgets the people who help the U.S. He also told him, You and your family has to leave Iraq as soon as possible, to emigrate to the U.S. so you can live in safety. Luckily, the American government helped us with a special program called (SIV) which stands for "Special Immigrant Visa".

We now live in a safe place and my father works with a good company which is affiliated with the American government. All of my brothers and I earn excellent grades in school. I dream of going to medical school. Consequently, my mother and father are extremely proud of us.

Living in a new land does cause some heartache. Sometimes, I miss my country, friends, relatives, and, especially, my grandparents. Unfortunately, I know that it isnt safe right now for me to go back to my country. But, I hope that, someday, it will be safe enough to make the trip. In the meantime, I will keep studying hard and make my life in this great country a success. I will try to do my best to serve the U.S.A. This country has helped me and helped my family to begin a new life full with love and peace. I really appreciate the fact that the American government gave me the opportunity to make all my dreams come true. I'm thankful to those people who rekindled my inner spirit and made me see the world in a new light. This country makes me proud of myself and has given me more hope than I ever thought possible.

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