Essay on Patient-Centred Care: Organizational Design for Improved Quality

Published: 2023-09-12
Essay on Patient-Centred Care: Organizational Design for Improved Quality
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The patient-centred medical home is a type of care in which patient treatment is conducted by a primary care physician who actively coordinates other healthcare professionals who provide comprehensive care to the patients. Through the model, the relevant care team improves care management strategies of the population by ensuring they adequately improve the general safety, quality, and efficiency of the care granted to the patients (Horner, 2016). Organizational design is very significant for the crescent medical home if it transitions to a PCMH model.

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For instance, the PCMH model requires a shift of corporate culture by moving to a team-based design to primary care requires the collaboration of all staff members as the roles need to be well defined. The organization design should be geared towards delivering primary health care's critical functions, for instance, comprehensive care, accessible services, coordinated care, quality safety, and access services. Patient-centred Medical homes must ensure primary functions are achieved hence facilitate its certification status in the community.

Crescent medical home should incorporate comprehensive care that is the medical home must ensure patients' physical and mental health care needs are met. Acute care, prevention, and wellness are paramount for the patients in the medical home, and it requires a team of professionals to cooperate for the functions to be ensured actively. Different care model designs are innovated to move towards a process-oriented organization form that is focusing on primary care of the patients instead of the self-referential department in the crescent medical home. The new staff plays a significant role in changing the organization's design through teamwork to deliver healthcare services.


Feedback is essential in a patient-centred medical home, and concerning crescent, various strategies should be incorporated to ensure that feedback is achieved in the home. For instance, evaluating the role of maintaining eye contact within the stipulated culture and organizing the new staff workspaces to enhance eye contact (Parmar & Kirby, 2019). Peer relationships should be improved between patients and the new staff by allowing independent and intuitive movement within the organization and providing various opportunities of conversations of the patients with the staff members; hence they will be able to identify the needs of the patients at ease. Innovation is essential. It can also ensure feedback is achieved by investing in systems that provide inter-visit contact between the various patients and staff in the organization.


Patient-centred medical home needs various components to be met before certification, and it thus leads to the transition of the organization design as it will require a primary care approach to be implemented by the staff. The new staff is important as they change the organization's design through teamwork in the provision of healthcare services. For effective feedback to take place in the organization, various strategies must be ensured by, for instance, enhancing peer relationship between the patients and the new staff. They get feedback and relevant information of the needs of the patients in the organization. The model must ensure it meets its primary functions like comprehensive care to the patients. Coordinated care and encompass multiple team members. They collaborate in the process of providing quality care is granted to the patients in the community. PCMH is recognized, and they improve the overall quality care of the patients as well as staff satisfaction while ensuring a reduction of health care expenditures.


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