Paper Sample: Strong Recommendation for Son's MSc in MBIT at Sheffield University

Published: 2023-11-12
Paper Sample: Strong Recommendation for Son's MSc in MBIT at Sheffield University
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I write this letter of recommendation with great pleasure on behalf of my son Mr….., for admission to Sheffield University for the Post-graduate program in MSc in Management of Business, innovation, and Technology (MBIT). Mr… completed his BSc in Computer Science after studying for four years at Sheffield University.

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Being an IT professional in the ship management business, I was significantly impressed with Mr…. after working with him on several projects in my office and onboard ships. During the time he started working with me, he consistently demonstrated excellent communication skills and professional performance, and I heartily endorse him as a reliable, eternally upbeat, and dedicated person. He is a very active performer of tasks and works under minimal supervision. He insightfully contributed much to my work both in the office and onboard ships taking it to an appealing level. He always listened thoughtfully and keenly paid attention to every instruction given to him. I have observed his substantial growth in leadership, teamwork, and management. While taking his bachelor’s degree, he has been an outstanding student, and his overall intelligence is likewise mirrored in his grades for the course, which was by far very impressive. He can multitask effectively and can as well handle a high volume of workload. He consistently surpassed all his duties with ease. His enthusiastic embrace of change, team player mindset, and unwavering commitment to the allocated tasks were of particular value to me. Regularly, I could be given unsolicited accolades from my workmates, pointing out his exceptional level of work performance, competence, and follow-through. He quickly learned the ship technology system and software that were unfamiliar to him since he is a very organized and diligent person.

Throughout his studies, he was very proficient in applying the course materials in the analysis of the situations deemed problematic. He always concisely clarified his ideas and provided supportive arguments while conducting academic discussions with his peers. His arguments were both persuasive and clear. He demonstrated great perseverance and initiative while undertaking his studies all through his course, giving me a very humble time as a parent. He was not only fascinated by and inspired to learn the materials but also put his energy into assimilating it into his own life experience as well as developing his ideas about every topic that I discussed with him. He is undoubtedly a knowledgeable person with exceptional analytical skills.

Undeniably, Mr… is an extraordinary candidate for the post-graduate program at your university. He is a hardworking and top-performing student. Therefore, I would highly recommend him, and I am glad to furnish additional details if you would like to know more about him. If his performance in my office and the onboard ship were an extremely positive indication of how he would perform as a post-graduate student, he would be with no doubt an exceedingly encouraging asset to your program. Please, do not hesitate to reach out to me in case of any inquiries.

Yours Sincerely,


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