Paper Sample on Fixed and Open Learning Mindsets

Published: 2023-12-25
Paper Sample on Fixed and Open Learning Mindsets
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Learning depends on the mindset that one adopts in his/her brain. The brain has two forms of mindset; fixed or growth (Dweck, 2006). Fixed growth entails how people believe themselves to be, for instance, to be naturally intelligent or unintelligent and that their traits cannot be changed. On the other hand, the growth mindset allows one to accommodate new ideas willingly and make the necessary moves to improve their traits. This paper explores scenarios of both mindsets and how to create a better mindset of growth.

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Open Mindset

An open mindset is crucial for learning though sometimes we have a fixed mindset. An example is a time in high school when I was tasked to solve a sum in vectors. I made up my mind that I could not do it. I could hardly relate to the aspects of mathematics given, and my mind was fixed. Gaming perhaps would have helped me better understand the concepts (Li et al., 2014). The scholars argue that gaming enables learners to inhibit negative beliefs in learning.

Fostering an open mindset has become my day to day venture. My mind is now accommodating new ideas beyond my previous perceptions. I believe my mind can absorb anything that I want, for instance, relating the mathematical problems with my day to day activities (Dweck, 2006). When I am dealing with matters to do with money, I personalize the issues to be mine, making it easy to solve. An open mindset makes problem-solving easier.

Making an opportunity for a growth mindset is crucial for one to become an exemplary learner. Relating presented problems to real-life scenarios, as suggested by Dweck (2016), it is also essential when participating in groups of learners with different levels of understanding (Vygostky, 1978). A growth mindset is bound to become better when one interacts with the others and helps solve presented problems in tandem with real-life scenarios.


In conclusion, the mindset that one chooses to adopt may appropriately guide or mislead the individual. It is crucial to have a growth mindset, as no one is limited in thinking. Applying the mentioned strategies can help one achieve a growth mindset and prosper in learning.


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