Paper Example - Identifying Truth or Fiction

Published: 2023-07-23
Paper Example - Identifying Truth or Fiction
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It is expected that people will believe something because it is accurate and disregard what is false. However, in some situations, people tend to think of things that they hope will work out for them. For instance, one will believe in God for healing because they want to get well. Similarly, one will find the existence of ghosts because most people are not willing to let go of their dead loved ones. Therefore, this paper examines why people tend to believe in pseudoscience, things that are not scientifically proven as true or false.

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Reasons why People are attracted to pseudoscience

Historians and psychologists suggest that people believe in unknown things because of the perceptions they have about themselves. Slave traders, ruthless leaders, murderers rapists, and any other self-centered people would love to listen to ideas that justify what they are is right. No one wants disapproval of what they have been doing for a lifetime. For instance, in the patriarchal society, men do not wish to accept or embrace gender parity because they know they have been unfair towards women for a long time, and women will slowly turn against them. Therefore, men will seek to disagree with anything that brings the quality of gender by justifying their masculinity. People who believe in pseudoscience tend to disapprove of any ideas or evidence that undermine their thinking. They refer to the evidence as crude and without measure and flawed knowledge of pseudoscience theory.

Examples of Pseudoscientific Theory

The Ancient Aliens Theory defends that the earth has been visited by alien beings, which makes the earth a civilized place for a human. Defenders of this theory believe that soon enough, aliens will visit again and have control over the planet. Whereas other scientists believe that the coming of aliens will put the earth into order, others create the superstitious notion that aliens will be harmful. Nonetheless, no scientific proof alludes to this existence, and the believers in either concept do so due to what their minds perceive. The Creation theory is another example of pseudoscience. Religious believers make it easier for scientists to defend the thought that the world existed before the creation of stories. The biblical allusion makes people believe that there was God and the spirits, while scientists gather that rocks and other creatures existence. People believe in God because they want the stated miracles to happen to them. However, the creation theory and the historical evolution theory are parallel ideas that no one can define as true or false.

Conclusively, I agree that there is no proof of pseudoscience. People only believe what they want to hear. The belief in ghosts comes with the disapproval of the death of loved ones, while the faith in God begins with the need to receive miracles. Nonetheless, all the historians, scientists, and psychologists agree that none of their ideas have been tested and proven accurate.

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