Paper on Strategic Dissemination for Diabetes Management: Internal and External Approaches

Published: 2023-12-04
Paper on Strategic Dissemination for Diabetes Management: Internal and External Approaches
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Disseminating evidence-based solutions is significant because it helps the stakeholders know more about the project and how it aims to improve clinical outcomes. My change project for the management and prevention of diabetes in patients with limited mobility requires disseminating information to the stakeholders. The paper discusses one internal and one external method of evidence dissemination, the significance of reporting my change proposal, and the communication strategies for each group.

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The internal method of disseminating evidence is the hospital board, including nurses, while the external manner is through a professional nursing organization. Giomuso et al. (2015) indicated that distributing evidence-based research to nursing staff improves clinical outcomes. Spruce (2015) asserted that when the healthcare staff become knowledgeable on evidence-based practice (EBP), they will manage to improve patient outcomes and provide standardized care. The professional organization will be the American Diabetes Association, which would give a platform to share information about the project to a broader audience.

Reporting the change proposal is important because it would help the groups provide their input on more ways to ensure project success. Makaroff et al. (2014) talked about ethical leadership, which helps to improve healthcare outcomes. Also, Stetler et al. (2014) stated that in EBP implementation, strategic leadership is needed for success. Reporting to the hospital board would make them provide their ethical perspective on the project.

Communication is necessary during evidence dissemination. Melnyk et al. (2014) stated that an EBP competency involves communicating the best evidence to groups. I will communicate with the hospital board by writing a letter and meeting with the hospital manager to discuss the project details. Also, I would visit the American Diabetes Association offices in person to inform them about the change proposal.


Overall, the dissemination of information helps to create awareness of the project details. Also, reporting is significant because it enhances knowledge about the project. The hospital board and the American Diabetes Association will gain more comprehension of the project and give their input to ensure project success.


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