Paper on Nursing Through Crisis: Societal Impact and Mental Health Challenges During the Pandemic

Published: 2024-01-23
Paper on Nursing Through Crisis: Societal Impact and Mental Health Challenges During the Pandemic
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For Christina Nester, the pandemic break in Massachusetts endured around a quarter of a year through summer into late summer. In late June, St. Vincent Hospital continued elective medical procedures, and the unit the 48-year-old attendant takes a shot at exchanging back from dealing with just COVID-19 patients to its pre-pandemic program of patients recuperating from gallbladder activities, mastectomies, and different medical procedures (Daily Nurse, 2020). Adding to that pressure is that medical caretakers are gotten in between thinking about the bedside needs of their patients and actualizing approaches set by others, for example, doctor-requested therapy plans and exacting emergency clinic rules to avoid COVID-19. The push-pull of those powers, in the midst of a battle against a savage illness, is stressing this crucial spine of wellbeing suppliers from one side of the country to the other, and that could amass to unstainable levels if the infection's flood isn't contained this colder time of year, supporters and analysts warn. Nurses invest the most continued energy with a patient of any clinician, and nowadays patients are frequently staggeringly unfortunate and segregated, said Cynda Rushton, an enlisted attendant and bioethicist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

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"They have become, solely, a sort of passionate substitute for relatives who can't be there, to help and exhort and offer a human touch," Rushton said. "They have seen unbelievable measures of affliction and passing. That, I think, likewise weighs actually vigorously on medical attendants." Researchers are worried that attendants working in a quickly changing emergency like the pandemic — with issues going from staff deficiencies that abridge their experience with patients to upholding appearance arrangements that resentful families — can build up a mental reaction called "moral injury." That injury happens, they state, when medical caretakers feel obstructed by their powerlessness to give the degree of care they accept patients require(Daily Nurse, 2020). During these painful movements, medical caretakers can some of the time become isolated from their passionate emotionally supportive network — each other, said Rushton, who has composed a book about forestalling moral injury among medical services suppliers. To more readily deal with the flood, a few medical caretakers who commonly work in noncritical consideration territories have been moved to think about truly sick patients. That constrains them to not just acclimate to another sort of nursing, yet additionally upsets a frequently very much sharpened working cadence and brotherhood with their customary nursing colleagues, she said.

Research Evidence

The effects of stress on nurses go beyond physical, emotional, and behavioral outcomes. There are long-term effects associated with stress in nurses. Some include issues with memory retention and concentration in class and their careers in the future, chest complications, and pains due to the increased heart rates when one experiences stress, unhappiness, bad mood, and depression. Finally, the nurses have a disrupted sleep pattern that leads to burnout if unchecked. There are physical effects associated with stress. There is a possibility of a student experiencing a pounding heart due to the perception of stress or a stressful environment by the student. Secondly, stressed nurses experience increased blood pressure due to increased heartbeats (NYOMI, 2016). Additionally, the stress experienced can cause stressed nurses to experience sweating spasms, which are a cause for embarrassment and further stress. Moreover, due to overthinking and lack of sleep, the nurses experience headaches and migraines that can lead to further health complications.

Furthermore, stress causes chest pains, nausea, and abdominal cramps due to the state of unease that the nurses experience when they are around stress triggers. Due to lack of sleep and the consistent state of worry that the nurses are in, they experience a continuous state of tiredness that is not an ideal condition to be in for their studies and future careers (Wang et al., 2020). Finally, stress and the effects of stress on the physical well-being of the nurses make the nurses susceptible to minor illnesses that would not affect people who have reduced stress levels.

Secondly, there are psychological implications brought about by the excessive stress that nurses experience. First, the attention span of the nurses is reduced due to stress and stressors. Secondly, they experience reduced levels of self-esteem and self-belief due to the failures they suffered from stressful situations and conditions they find themselves in. Worse still, the nurses get disorganization of thoughts due to the stressed states of mind that they find themselves in(Wang et al., 2020). When one is under stress, they are unable to organize their thought processes, and therefore they do not make sensible choices and rational decisions. When under pressure, the nurses experience failure, and consequently, they have a reduced value of self and the meaning of their lives since they do not see that they are worthy of the future or present. Finally, the nurses experiencing stress lose perspective of life. They, therefore, have negative attitudes and perceptions of themselves due to the difficulties they experience in coping with their environments and situations.

After almost a decade of protests, Black Lives Matter activists are not done fighting

Perhaps the biggest dissent in Raleigh throughout the late spring was driven by Greear Webb, a sophomore at UNC and prime supporter of the Young Americans Protest. Webb chose he needed to accomplish something in May subsequent to seeing the video of the occasions that prompted George Floyd's death. The walk was a dreamlike encounter for Webb. The advertising of the dissent and walk was finished by youngsters, however, the members were of any age and race (McGee, 2020). To Webb, it appeared as though everyone was there, and individuals were communicating any way they knew how with banners, shirts, serenades, and mottos.

William Sturkey, a partner teacher at UNC who spent significant time throughout the entire existence of race in the American South, said the main point of contention that has truly propelled individuals to join and support social equality exhibitions has been seeing viciousness against Black individuals. Sturkey said the Civil Rights Movement, without rough pictures like the groups of individuals killed or the bombarded Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, would not have been successful (McGee, 2020). The Raleigh Demands Justice fight pushed a strong message with a brief rundown of requests going from restricting the quantity of police headquarters to greater responsibility and straightforwardness in the Raleigh Police Department. This is an unmistakable contrast from the 2012 show driven by Borne and Thurber. Webb said that demonstrators are discussing individuals' lives, and they are legitimately furious and should utilize their sacred option to communicate their disappointment in a positive manner. He said it doesn't help when a gathering of individuals may decimate a business, yet comprehend that no window merits a daily existence.

Explanation of the Happenings Using Sociological Concepts

The functionalism theory can explain the continued racist and unfair treatment by society and law enforcement authorities against black people. This theory argues that for an idea or a practice such as racism to have continued to exist in society, the practice must have served an important function for the party, which practices the behavior. The theory also presents arguments on functions and dysfunctions that may be presented by the practice of racism and targeted violence (Banton, 2018). For example, the violence and enslavement of black people in the past were justified by the slave owners because whites were superior to blacks, and therefore, they deserved the right to enslave black people. They also claimed that black people preferred enslavement to freedom. The function of the targeted violence against black people in society is based on the assumption that since many black people are susceptible to participating in criminal acts, other black people can be assumed to be guilty. Therefore it would be easier to prevent them from committing a crime from the suspicion of their possible involvement in crime than letting them commit the crimes and suffer from an insecure society.

Conflict theory can also be applied as the cause of the ongoing protests against police brutality towards black people in society. Conflict theory posits that the inequalities in society against a group could result in the group feeling maltreated to protest against the issues that they are subjected to (Trevino, 2017). For the longest time, American society has seen the white ruling class mistreating the minority races, with the black community being the recipient of most of the maltreatment. Therefore, as the theory suggests, black people are likely to become fed up with the treatment that they receive from the racists.

The pandemic has left a legacy of child abuse and neglect, Ofsted warns

The main reviewer of schools and children’s administrations in England has cautioned of a rising defending emergency, with numerous weak students still not back in the study hall, youngster security references down, and fears that misuse might be going undetected. In her fourth yearly report as head of Ofsted, Amanda Spielman said the intangibility of weak children because of the COVID-19 pandemic should be "a matter of public concern", and she approached all offices required to arrange to handle the direst cases (The Guardian, 2020). Although schools stayed open to weak understudies during the principal public lockdown, participation was low and Spielman cautioned that neighborhood specialists would manage "a tradition of misuse and neglect. School terminations during the primary public lockdown in March significantly decreased the quantity of children's insurance references across England – in certain regions by the greater part – and despite the fact that numbers have gone up since September when schools completely resumed, Spielman said they had not yet gotten back to past levels, raising feelings of dread that misuse could now be going undetected. Instructors are regularly the eyes that spot indications of misuse and the ears that hear accounts of disregard said Spielman. Shutting schools didn't simply leave the youngsters who – unbeknown to other people – endure at home without rest, it likewise removed them from the sight of the individuals who could help.

The report additionally cautioned of "enduring mischief" to youngsters with uncommon instructive necessities as well as inabilities a considerable lot of whom either battled to get essential help and medical care during the pandemic or lost them altogether. This likewise influenced early distinguishing proof and assessment (The Guardian, 2020). Almost all children, powerless or something else, are passing up a great deal when they aren't at school said Spielman. Some will have an extraordinary encounter, however, different families will think that it’s harder than they suspected, and their youngsters could miss out accordingly. We should be aware of these dangers, and we should likewise look out for awful works sneaking back in that could intensify hazards.

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