Paper Example on Differences Between Teaching Online and In-Person

Published: 2022-12-26
Paper Example on Differences Between Teaching Online and In-Person
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Discussion 1

Teaching can be done in various ways depending on the needs of the students and the choices they have at their disposal regarding which type of method is suitable to them. In the old times, the kind of teaching that was available in the traditional classroom setup, but with the introduction of technology, it is now possible to have a virtual class where both the students and the teachers do not have to convene at a specific geographical location. The two types of teaching require unique skills for proper delivery of content to the students. For understanding these skills the discussion will explore the differences between skills needed in online and in-person teaching methods.

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One of the differences is that in the online teaching technique, the sessions are available throughout the week because the content is online, and the students can log in anytime and take their studies. On the contrary, the in-person teaching is not available throughout because the teachers and students have to convene at specific times in and indicated geographical location. Additionally, the pedagogical techniques used in face to face teaching are that the content is presented in the form of lectures, interactive sessions between the lecturer and students, use of paper and pen, conducted on course by session basis. The Online method entails an asynchronous relationship coupled with frequent content presentations, which are subjects to continuous assessment to ensure that the students get the content.

Similarly, the in-person teaching method allows the lectures to directly transfer knowledge to students while in the online teaching, the students are guided by their teachers, and they have a forum where they can ask questions. It implies that students are helped to acquire knowledge by conducting them on the required content based on the course outline. In the face to face teaching method, students are required to be within proximity from the school so that they can attend their lectures while in the virtual teaching, students can be from any part of the world.

The skills required for online teaching are that the lecturer needs to be having excellent communication skills so that they can interact appropriately with their students. On the other hand, the in-person teaching requires confidence because the lecturer has to stand in front of the students as they give the content. Also, the online technique requires that the teacher is well versed with technology because it is the primary way of interacting. Besides, the virtual teachers need to be having excellent time management skills so that they can update the students on new developments, upload course content, among others. It is critical because one can comfortably relax when they do not have to meet people in person. The teachers also need to have excellent analysis and assessment skills to be able to evaluate the student content.

Discussion 2

In scenario one, question two was interesting to me as it talks about the number of hours and distribution of classes that take place in the afternoons and evenings as well as Saturdays. The answer will positively influence my decision. I will have morning hours to engage in some other commitments and also complete a course that I have. I am midway studying. Another question is number six, which talks about faculty doing research and publishing. It will positively influence my decision because I love doing research, which involves my students because this way, I will take them through critical research skills.

In scenario two, question four is essential. The answer will influence my decision because I prefer having small classes and the range given is what I need. Short courses are easily reachable, and I can provide the required attention to students as compared to large breeds. Also, question seven is critical. The answer given will influence my decision because I love doing research, and most of the time, funds become a challenge. The college has sufficient to fund research: this is an opportunity worth taking.

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