Organizing Your Writing, Essay Example for Students

Published: 2022-03-01
Organizing Your Writing, Essay Example for Students
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Organizing any writing, for instance, an application letter or a resume especially for job seekers is an essential factor that must be considered when making an application. Organizing your writing by developing a simple framework ensures that the fundamental points and ideas are covered. This act also saves time and prevents the winding of the text. Additionally, it gives clarity of the information and helps the reader to navigate and understand the piece without any challenge. In most cases, employers are smart to judge the personality of the applicant by viewing these documents. Giving a clear outline and chronologically stating ideas and points may provide the applicant an upper hand in securing employment compared to the one who carelessly indicates points without organizing them properly. Such individual may be judged as either careless or lazy, and they may lose the opportunity. Organizing your writing, therefore, ensures efficiency and instills trust on the applicant.

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Considering the actual cover letter posted, it can be suggested that the letter was written well because the writer was orderly since he or she arranged his points in an appropriate order, punctuated the sentences correctly, and paragraphed the work as required. However, from a personal point of view, the letter did not meet the qualities and standards of an official letter. For instance, the letter lacks the addresses of both the sender and the receiver; it has no topic; therefore, it is difficult to know the post the applicant is seeking. The letter also has no proper salutation. Besides, the writer has not observed etiquette while writing the letter since he or she is giving some conditions to the receiver. Additionally, the letter is not brief to the point. Instead, the information such as the qualifications the writer covered in the letter needed to feature in the resume. Overall, this is a poor application letter, and it must be revised. From the observation, the critical items that should be added to any cover letter are addresses of both the sender and the receiver, the salutation, signature of the writer and the date. For the resume, it is vital to make it stand out in the right way because it can be used by the employer or human resource manager to judge your characters and behaviors. As such, it is imperative to write a resume with clarity and correct chronological order of events to give the employer a positive view about me.

Best Practices for Electronic Messages

Electronic messages such as email, Facebook, Twitter and other communication through social media have become the appropriate means of sharing information. As such, it is important to behave well while using these components. One of the best practices in these sites is that one needs to be mindful about what he or she writes. In this context, one should not use abusive language against other people. The other best practice is to use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation because using grammar, punctuation, and spelling poorly gives a wrong impression about the person or the organization he or she is working. The other best practice is to keep information brief and to the point. Personally, to be honest, I have sent a message electronically that I wished I couldn't. To be precise, I posted the message in my Twitter page that offended people from one tribe in my country.


Professionalism refers to the level of competence expected of a professional in a business or work environment. It is demonstrated by how the individuals conduct themselves in the workplace. For instance, by exhibiting their knowledge and skills, treating others with respect, being loyal, keeping their words, and exceeding expectations.

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