Essay Sample: Online Dating Versus Real Life Dating

Published: 2022-10-31
Essay Sample: Online Dating Versus Real Life Dating
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In contemporary society dating has become one of the core activities where several people are found, victims. By definition, dating is the process of coming together of two partners socially with the aim of having one another as love partners. This paper will therefore discuss or compare the two types of dating that are online and the real-life type of dating.

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Starting with the online type of dating, it is that which happens within the social media. It takes place through the Facebook or electronic mails or any other media platform where the parties do not necessarily need to meet physically. This type of dating has pros and cons. Some of the advantages include it is a swift and convenient way of dating. This is because one can meet a partner without traveling long distances thereby saving time, energy and money at the same time. It is mostly applicable when one is busy and can't easily engage in the real-life dating system. Secondly, online dating will give you a wide range of choices as the media has all types of partners which one can choose from. Such a forum will allow many people to go for their best decisions without moving around the vicinity (Ellison, Nicole, Rebecca Heino, and Jennifer Gibbs. 415-441).

Further, it is full of fun where the people you meet online will allow you to have all sort of experiences. This may enhance or boost one's understanding which will make it easy for one to find a compatible partner. Also, online dating will allow you to make an impression. It is a hidden way of romance where ones potential cannot be hindered in, and those who are shy or afraid of the facial contact will enjoy this type of dating. Again, this is a type of dating which allows for the survival of the long-distance relationships. This is enhanced by constant communication hence confirmation of the availability of the partners is guaranteed.

There are also those disadvantages of online dating which include the persona may find it difficult to set their priorities right. This is because one will come across several willing persons for the engagement which will make it hard for the later to have the right choice. Here, the persons are advised not to settle for a single one until they felt the connection. Again, this type of dating acts as a gambling activity as one isn't sure of choices they would make in real life. Still, this type of dating requires one to venture his time and effort effectively. One will have to take his time to convince the other on her intentions until that trust is built.Lastly, in most cases; some of the online contacts are a scam or are not safer for the dating purpose. This will call for care or precaution before one engages in such an act (Kandel &Denise, 306).

On the other hand, real-life dating is that which involves meeting physically and engaging one at sight. This kind of dating also has the pros and cones that come along with it. For instance, some of the advantages of this type of dating include it is difficult for the partners to hide their physical appearance. This will allow one to directly tell who one is and conclude on whether they can be potential partners. It also provides a variety of different type of dating options to individuals. These options can be informed of games where the partners play side by side or meet at a party and celebrate their successes together. Others can be in the form of profession where all the parties meet in their respective professions and engage themselves.

In addition, real-life type of dating will allow the partners to interact in a natural setup which will enable them to familiarize with the real world at a closer range. When this happens, the partners would be able to tell each other's personality in cases where they share a hotel. Their behavior towards the workers would reflect a lot and what may be hidden in them. Further, this type of dating allows the couples to interact using the gifts and presents. This can act as the measure of love between the couples. Lastly, it makes one feel loved as they don't feel boredom because the couples are always together in almost all the events.

Besides, real-life type of dating also has some of the disadvantages which include and not limited to fights or conflicts within the affair. This is one of the biggest challenges in many dating. Many people find themselves at loggerhead when in a dating relationship something that is very difficult to avoid. One will have to let go and move on with life as the best way of settling such a score. It also drags along attitude in which everyone is a victim since all the human beings are subjects of bad days at one point.

Lastly, real-life dating has a lot hurt within the parties involved. This is something that in unintentional but also unavoidable in any relationship. When such happens, it takes a wise couple to settle the disagreement without necessarily messing up everything (Toma, Catalina, Jeffrey, and Nicole, 1023-1036).

About the two types of dating, each has cons and pros and depending on the person involved, and one would choose or conclude that which best fits them. This is because the dating type, online or real life is relative considering that human beings are also brought up in different environments and therefore has likes and dislikes that even different.

In conclusion, dating is a very good or noble activity that everyone should participate in and must be done with some precaution. Be it online or real life, one should take the necessary care as it is not all that glitters are gold.

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