Essay Example. Online Classes, a Journey

Published: 2023-11-14
Essay Example. Online Classes, a Journey
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There numerous things I have learned across the semester. I learned reading and understanding a text, analyzing the book and characters. I also improved in description and grammar. As I think about the start of the semester, I see how much I expected to learn and gain more knowledge in my class. I was very motivated and excited to understand the unknown. As the semester progressed, I was able to read through some of the novels—one of the best books that I came to connect with wells Shakespeare’s The Tempest. I had never read or watched the book before. I could not shake the feeling that the book would be challenging to read since it was written to be watched, not read. Besides, there was the understanding that language has evolved with time, and I was much afraid that it would be difficult to understand the book. However, I found out I was wrong.

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The experience reading through various texts become interesting and exciting as the semester progressed. As always, the characters chosen by Shakespeare are funny, interesting, and devious. The play started with a storm like situation, and indeed, it is a play in the text. There were storms include the type that bubbles between individuals and the weather type. Prospero is able to advance revenge on his brother and secure his lost position. Miranda is an innocent daughter of Prospero who does not recall her entire life prior to being stranded on the island. The text also introduces Caliban, the son of a witch who ruled the land before. He is a monstrous appearing man and feels slighted by the rule and enslavement of Prospero.

I want to explore how Prospero is presented in the play because it appears he fails to play the villain role as it appeared in the opening scene. He is entitled to be angry at the brother. Ne could have killed everyone in the fleet using the storm. However, Prospero makes them sleep and isolates those he aimed to face. I was excited by how he appears careful not to seem extremely enthusiastic when getting Ferdinand and Miranda together. He does not seem extremely happy during the meeting. He also depicts a softer appearance when he refers to the spirit of Ariel. Ariel has been held a slave, but Prospero believes he treated the spirit fairly. He promises to grant Ariel freedom after the end of the plot.

Caliban is the next character I came across the text. I deduce that he is a sad character, left to his own and orphaned. The mother of Caliban is likely a fierce figure, who was a powerful witch. He is abused and treated like a slave under Prospero. Caliban revealed the good things of the island, but he was rewarded with slavery and mistreatment. Nevertheless, I understand that Prospero ultimately sees the truth and sets Caliban free. I feel greatly informed, especially in reading and analyzing a text.

In conclusion, the semester has been fair to me. Although I have managed to adjust to the schedule, I feel I am well prepared for the next semesters. I also learned numerous things that I can apply in the future. The semester has made me more prepared for any future circumstances. The lessons learned in Shakespeare’s The Tempest and the semester, in general, will help in the long term.

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