Essay Sample on Old Man and the Sea Story Continuation

Published: 2023-08-27
Essay Sample on Old Man and the Sea Story Continuation
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When the old man awakes from his slumber, he finds Manolin waiting outside his hut. Manolin is excited to see Santiago awake and full of health after an absence. The boy is quite curious to know what happened to the old man when he went missing, and the story behind the gigantic carcass on his boat. As soon as Santiago takes a seat, a conversation strikes between the two. “Wow! Look at you! You seem weary, but I can tell you have a story to tell. Shall I bring you some coffee? I just had some,” said Manolin. “Coffee would be perfect,” replied the old man.

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As soon as Manolin was back with the coffee, you could tell that he was anxious to hear about the endeavours and encounters of Santiago. “Here you go, Santiago. This coffee should make you feel better.” The old man took the coffee while looking out in the distance and asked, “Why is that crowd gathered around my boat? What seems to amaze them?”. “Yes, Santiago. Amaze is the word. They are amazed by the huge skeleton of a fish on your boat. Some think it is a shark but are not sure,” exclaimed Manolin.

Santiago looked out into the sea while sipping his coffee and said, “You see child, I ventured into the deep unknown and captured the biggest catch of my life. That you seethere, is no shark, but a Malin”. “A Malin?” exclaimed Manolin. “Yes, young man. A Malin. I have never encountered such a big fish in my entire life. That is why they must have confused it with a shark.” Looking very intrigued, Manolin asks, “What happened to it? Did you eat it by yourself out in the sea for the days you went missing? Had you packed cooking gear?”. Santiago laughed and responded, “don’t be silly, Manolin. I couldn’t consume such a large fish by myself if my life depended on it.

After killing the Marlin with a Harpoon, as I was sailing back, a trail of blood attracted sharks.” “What! Sharks? That must have been scary,” cried the young man, looking more concerned but still intrigued. “Yes! Several sharks attacked me. I managed to kill some with the harpoon and ended up losing it. I fought others with a spear, but in the end, I was not successful, and the fish devoured my catch.”

By this time, the old man had finished his coffee, and Manolin took the cup inside. When he came out, he found one villager talking to the older man, wanting to know about the catch. Manolin told him about the story, and he was fascinated by the encounters of Santiago.

"Even though you were not able to bring home the fish, at least you were brave to go into the deep oceans, fight off shark attacks, and even come back alive," said the villager. "I agree with Santiago. What this man says is true. I am thrilled to see you come back alive,” added Manolin.“Exactly. Also, we would have never known of your brave encounters had you not lived to tell us about it,” said the villager. “Well, I suppose you are both right,” said the old man. “However, I wanted to come back home with my catch even though I was worried that those who would eat it would not be worthy of its greatness,” finished Santiago.

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