Essay Sample on Observing People Working Out From Home

Published: 2023-08-31
Essay Sample on Observing People Working Out From Home
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Due to the pandemic and social distancing protocols put in place, have you thought of how people are now working out from home? Well, within a five days, I observed the daily working out routines of people in my neighborhood. I observed the general movements and fitness activities of people from different backgrounds. Most of the people I observe were stay at home mums and dads from cultures such as American, Asian, and African-Americans. They were between the ages of 30-50. Overall, I observed that the people did not observe the social distancing protocols. This was interesting because I expected that people would stay indoors and neglect fitness activities. The purpose of this paper is to provide a written comparison of what I observed among the people and discussing the cognitive, social/emotional, and psychomotor domains discussed in the course. Some of the terminologies used include cognitive and social development, growth and maturation, physical assessments, and motor skills. The abbreviations used include FIU (Florida International University), BMI (Body Mass Index), WHO (World Health Organization).

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Cognitive Development

In the observation process, the people I saw were adults between approximately 30-50 years. Piaget affirmed that adults are more competent thinkers compared to children (Payne & Isaacs, 2011). Also, Piaget indicated that intellectual development in adults depends on the accumulation of knowledge (Payne & Isaacs, 2011). In this case, adults were well aware of the social distancing protocols that were issued by the WHO. However, the adults, in this case, were not observing the social distancing rules. On the first day of my observation, the weather was a bit chilly. I was keen on the cognitive development of the individuals. At about 7 am in the field in my neighborhood, there was a group of 5 people, who I knew were not from the same family because of their different cultures. They were working out together while holding hands at some point. Also, another group that I observed was a man and a woman, from Asian origin, who were working out at the far end of the field. The observation proved what Piaget indicated about the accumulation of knowledge in adults. The Asian group observed social distancing because they were not close to the other group of 5.

Social Development

Self-esteem refers to a person’s belief in their self to be competent and worthy. During the second day of my observation, I was keen on the social development of the people. It was 9 am, and the weather was cloudy and misty. As I sat there watching how people were working out, I noticed different behaviors related to self-esteem. A white couple were working out in the middle of the field who were approximately 30 years. The woman seemed like she weighed about 200 pounds while the man was about 150 pounds. The man, who I assumed was the husband because they walked in holding hands was instructing the woman on what to do as they were working out. The woman appeared determined and had self-worth. Other people were walking by watching, but she continued to do exercises such as skipping the rope and crunches. She remained consistent throughout the process and did not bother about other people. Also, at the other end of the field, there was a woman, about 250 pounds, jogging across the field. She did about five rounds without stopping. I concluded that all the people working out were competent and relentless throughout the process. In the textbook, Payne and Isaac (2011) indicated that in adulthood and physical fitness, social acceptance, intimate relations, physical appearance, sociability, and social acceptance affected self-worth, an element of self-esteem. That day, I noticed that the adults working out had self-esteem and had athletic ability.

Growth and Maturation

In my family, the growth has been standard. We are standard in stature. However, in the neighborhood, I noticed that people from different ethnic backgrounds have different stature. I noticed that most children in my neighborhood had a standard weight while others were big in stature. The data was similar in adults. Payne and Isaac (2011) indicated that above nineteen years I both boys and girls, the stature and BMI of individuals depend on their nutritional exercise status as well as pregnancy. Also, the chapter talked about skeletal and bone formation, which is different in adults. On the third day, I was keen on the growth and maturation of individuals working out. I noticed that some of the people working out were more mature in body stature than their age. The cultural influence that affected the physical characteristics of the individuals I observed appeared to be nutrition and pregnancy. For the men I saw, their stature was standard. The women, some who I knew had children, were a bit overweight, probably due to pregnancy and nutrition factors.

Physical Assessments

I did a general assessment of individuals working out during the observation. Payne and Isaac (2011) indicated that after puberty, changes occur in the muscular strength of an individual. In me for example, as they age, their body becomes leaner while girls develop body fat. During my observation on the fourth day, I must say that the author’s information was true. I noticed that men were heavily built and had a lean body, while women had extra body fat. Furthermore, Payne and Isaac (2011) indicated that the upper-body strength endurance in men was stronger compared to women. I observed a couple doing planks. After about 10 seconds, I saw that the woman gave up and lay down compared to the man who continued for about 20 seconds.

Motor/ Sports Skill Development

Through the observation, the three skills that I noticed the individuals performing included skipping rope, running, and walking across the field. Regarding running, I noticed that the participants were in stage 2. Payne and Isaac (2011) indicated that in stage 2 of the motor skill of running, the legs are near full extension and arms are middle-guard. Regarding skipping rope, I noticed that participants were stage 1. In the first stage, there is an uneven skip pattern, slow movement, and ineffective arm action (Payne & Isaac, 2011). Regarding walking or gallop, I noticed that participants were in stage 2. The authors indicated that in stage 2, individuals have a slow tempo, stiff legs, and hips move sideways. I noticed that the participants were in stage On the fifth day, I was keen on the motor/sports development. From the experience, the participants were not developmentally ready to perform the required skills. However, with practice and consistency, there is no doubt that they will be developmentally ready.


Overall, based on my observations, the individuals working out from home were determined. Despite their difference in stature, I noticed that during the five-day observation, they remained consistent during their workout. Even though some, particularly females, were unable to do some exercises, they tried their best to be physically fit. I would say that about 90% of the individuals had positive experiences during the workout. Additionally, for the couple that was on the field, I noticed that the man was instructing the woman on what to do as he helped her to do the exercises. That action gave the woman the motivation to continue with the physical fitness session. If I was a trainer, I would employ the same strategy of working out with the participants to keep them motivated ad involved in the work out session.

Personal Reflection

Completing a course in motor development is necessary because it equips a person with knowledge about cross-cultural differences in developing motor skills and knowing the elements of motor development. I intend to pursue a career in athletic training. Information in this course enriches me with information on how to assess the cognitive, social, physical, and motor development of individuals from different cultures and gender. In my career, I will be able to help my clients to achieve physical fitness through determination. Within my chosen profession, there is no doubt that social distancing protocols will be observed. I will have to provide instructions to my clients online to help them through the journey of physical fitness.


Payne, G. V., & Isaac, L. (2011). Human Motor Development_ A Lifespan Approach. 8th Ed.

McGraw Hill.

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