Nurturing Minds: A Journey into Clinical Psychology with Professor Joseph M. Currier - Paper Sample

Published: 2024-01-04
Nurturing Minds: A Journey into Clinical Psychology with Professor Joseph M. Currier - Paper Sample
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The University of South Alabama has many departments. Under the College of Art and Sciences, the psychology department has a psychology faculty—many lectures are taught in this school. I chose to discuss Joseph M. Currier, Ph.., who is the associate professor and a director of clinical training and psychology. The professor has a degree and two post-graduate degrees, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Catholic studies. A master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a Ph.D. in the same field (“Joseph M. Currier, Ph.D.,” 2020). The paper explains the professor, his research areas, and what is interesting about his research areas.

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Brief Description of Research Area

The professor is interested in researching four different areas. Firstly, mental health care involves spiritual guidance. Secondly, the Military Veteran and First Responder’s mental health is one of our country’s critical issues - thirdly, trauma, and moral injury. In the country, people have challenges and issues that cause them PTSD and moral wounds that need healing. Fourthly, peer support, and mental health service support (“Joseph M. Currier, Ph.D.,” 2020). The younger generation has a lot going on, and from time to time, they need people to help with mental health support services. They are perfect fields for research. Many people go through mental health conditions, and they need a source of information and guidance on how to heal.

The areas of study:

  1. Mental health care services
  2. Trauma and moral injury
  3. PTSD and peer support

Interests in the Research

Many veterans suffer from mental health conditions. It is good to assist people who need help. Professor Joseph takes part in the Veterans Recovery Resources Partnership. It is a non-profit organization offering affordable mental service to military veterans, first responders, and their families (“Joseph M. Currier, Ph.D.,” 2020). The organization has a clinic and provides other mental health help in partnership with other organizations. The veterans go through a lot. People going to war mean that they risk their lives for the sake of many Americans. They need support when they come back home. Many suffer many psychological disorders. It is good to see people research and try to help the veterans. Helping is one of my core values and a virtue I hold so dearly. I find Professor Joseph’s action so inspiring because he stands up for the people who work hard to protect the American people. Veterans need mental health support, leading us to the next exciting point about trauma and moral injury.

Traumas and moral injury are common ill-health conditions in our societies. Many people in our communities suffer from these conditions. Researching the topic and the situation can help many people. Moral injury is not a mental condition, but it originates from betrayal, failure to do the right, and leaders’ failures (Barnes, Hurley, & Taber, 2019). It is a common term among the veterans who have worked in Iraq and Afghanistan. When people make regrettable mistakes, they may suffer moral injury. Many in our communities do not have a way to deal with the condition. The condition needs some professional help, and, it would feel good to help such people. People suffer in silence, and others do not know if they are ailing from a manageable condition. Researching a particular situation and using the knowledge to help those in need feels good. The problem is related to the next area of research to pursue—mental health care.

Mental health conditions are prevalent in the United States. A mentally sound person can make the right decision; the opposite is true. As a psychology student, one needs to develop ways of solving the conditions. The use of spiritual studies can help heal and encourage those suffering from those mental health conditions (“Clinical Psychology,” 2020). Working on research that can help people with mental disorders recover and find hope is every psychology student’s dream. The country has seen the effect of people who have mental ill-health conditions. Many take their lives, and others get involved in gun violence.

Finding a lasting solution for these people interest me through research. Finally, peers and mental condition is another fascinating topic. Peer pressure is the number one cause of the many social problems in the country. Advising the people on the right ways to deal with these conditions is a collective duty that many partners need to come on board (“Clinical Psychology,” 2020). Professor Joseph sets a straight path that many can follow. It’s humanitarian to help the people in need in this profession. Before people solve the economic problem, they face several other issues they need to solve: social issues.


Psychologist plays a significant role in our communities. Professor Joseph is a great role model in this industry. Taking a career in clinical psychology is like a calling to help people with mental health issues, trauma, and mental injuries, among other conditions. Managing ill-health conditions is very important. They are the health issues that many people in our communities and many do not have to deal with. Having an organization coming up to help the people is good. The paper explains Professor Joseph’s research area and why it is interesting to research these areas.


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