Free Essay: Nursing School Personal Statement

Published: 2018-01-29
Free Essay: Nursing School Personal Statement
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Nurses are an important lot of professionals in a world where diseases have continued to emerge and inflict pain and suffering on many people. What motivated me to take up nursing as a career is seeing how they cared for patients in hospitals. The dedication they put in ensuring that patients are comfortable and recuperate on time was also another source of motivation. Since I have the desire to be a leader and act as the primary source of influence within the medical facility, I would wish to enroll as a Clinical Nurse Leader. With such a position, I can prepare other nurses with the necessary skills required to excel in the changing healthcare environment. Also, I will strive to ensure that the quality of patient care is optimized. Quick and efficient recovery will be my top priority.

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The roles imposed on a clinical nurse leader are many, and one has to possess the capability to ensure they are all executed. Like any other head, a clinical nurse leader must have the right skills that make them stand out from the rest of the staff. As such, they can correct situations that are above the ability of the other nurses. However, cooperation with other nurses is essential for efficiency in a healthcare facility. Above all, the role I find most fascinating is drawing health care plans for patients. I find this function as one of the most important as a clinical nurse leader. If patients fail to receive the best care from the hospital, the blame falls upon the clinical nurse leader. Ensuring that patients are satisfied with services in the hospital would be my priority such that there is the likeliness of spread of word of mouth that the hospital I work in provides among the best services in the country. Drafting the care plans will require me to be interactive with nurses and other healthcare staff, and most importantly, the patients. Through such interactions, I can get their insights regarding my intended health strategy. I believe that sharing one's ideas with other parties is helpful when one is in any state of leadership especially within a medical facility.

After my graduation as a qualified clinical nurse leader, I would like to work in the pediatrics section. There are many activities involved in the children’s ward and becoming part of this team of pediatricians has always been my desire. Healthy children can attend school comfortably and enjoy their early life. My passion came after seeing how much the medical staff in my school struggled to treat us so that we would not miss classes. The efforts put by the then school nurse were encouraging and gave me the inspiration to pursue a nursing career. Another factor that drives me to work in the pediatrics section is the desire to put a smile on sick children and guide them through their recovery while in the hospital.

Finally, five years from now, I would like to have earned my Masters Degree and started practicing as a clinical nurse leader in a middle or large hospital. I would like to have applied many, if not all, the skills that I will have gathered at the end of my studies. Also, it would be my wish to have earned myself a position in the pediatrics section as that would make my dream come true.

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