Paper Sample. Not Smart, Not Clever: Virtue Ethics

Published: 2023-04-13
Paper Sample. Not Smart, Not Clever: Virtue Ethics
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In the story, smart is defined as the ability to manipulate data by the use of devices that can predict what is needed. Lin is smart; she has a small high-speed processor and access to a large amount of data. She can pull in information quickly, edit, and obtain the output she needs. Clever portrays the ability to solve a variety of tasks and offer solutions to random and critical situations. Lin considers being as smart as the best virtue to aspire, which is evident by the relationship she still holds with her ex-boyfriend Linton who can watch detectives and design his dodges.

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The university aims at cultivating cleverness in students. It has a mechanism that detects plagiarism in student's work, and any student caught with plagiarism receives a hefty penalty, which includes suspension from the university. The university system of detecting plagiarisms cultivate smartness in students by the use of electronic methods of grading that are vulnerable to the security of data. Students can use brain rec to manipulate data and sometimes do the works they find hard for them.

Lin convinces Barb's tutor to change her grade, which they claim to be incorrect. Barb is confident that the results that are already out are not real since her tutor agrees with them to counter check her results. In the beginning, Lin is very loyal to her virtues. She rarely indulges in immoral acts Zach's friends are doing. Lin has a habit of spending time with Zach and his friends, who contribute significantly to her change. Lin aspires to be a good woman since responsible parents have raised her. She is very skillful and inventive when handling a difficult situation. At the end of the story, Lin is very disloyal to the virtues she holds significant as a result of a weak system in the university.

Indulging in the plagiarism business, Lin makes her income, and the business contributes to the achievements of her goals. Linn has indulged in this business following the reason that smartness does not pay in the job market; employment opportunities are also plagiarized and professionals like her are eliminated in the game. The primary goals achieved by Lin in the business are the improvement of her smartness in the database and research of school work through exposure and solving different student's tasks. Besides, while in the university, Lin has a goal of helping other students, working in the business, she maintains a lot of students do their tasks efficiently.

Lin takes other students and readers' thinking in positivity; she assumes what others say her is tremendously correct. Lin soothes every student and accepts their offer with fewer arguments. The swot perception arises from the originality of Lin; she is a Chinese-this shows the commitment virtue of Lin in her education. Lin's boyfriend thinks that Lin is clever and not smart; Lin doesn't argue but helps him with the thesis statement- this is an indicator of Lin's virtue of understanding fellows. Isha thinks that Lin is kind and clever, which she meditates and says, "I am smart and swotty" by this, the lazy Isha learns on several database usages, which changes Isha's poor thinking - an indicator of the honest and passionate virtue in Lin.

The habitus of Lin while at university is transformed by gang perception in that Lin turns to be an earnest student who entertains no jokes; she even leaves Linton for a boyfriend. Besides, Lin is very engaging, and gang needs and decisions determine her habits. While at work, Lin shows the real character in her through professional engagement with client students; she is gentle and tries to please the students by eliminating their disappointments.

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