Marketing Essay Example: New Product Launch Plan

Published: 2022-06-16
Marketing Essay Example: New Product Launch Plan
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The last phase of the product development and launch process is the presentation of the item into the market. On this stage the part of promoting and deals is essential. For example, building up an advertising design is fundamental movement in this stage (Cooper, 2001). For better comprehension of the substance of advertising design, the reference section presents the element of promoting plan characterized by Kotler et al. (2013). A typical meaning of showcasing is, putting the correct item, in the ideal place, at the right cost, at the perfect time. If one of the past stages is belittled or not considered, the launch of the new item can be a disappointment. For a successful new product launch plan, the following research areas need to be addressed. They include sales promotion, media, marketing strategy, marketing mix, and marketing in b2b product launch.

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The product launch plan will provide a roadmap that will show the deliverables according to time. The product management, branding, and the sales are mainly discussed. The benefits of the product will be verified, does the product solve the problem, do the products meet the needs of the consumer, is the price reasonable for the manufactured value, the purchase frequency and whether the customer will buy the product. It is done through the vigorous survey that will be carried out on the intended market. The customers' opinions will be judged by the marketer following the above guidelines whereby the idea that does not concur with the consumer needs will be dropped or modified (Fu & Jones, 2015). The product may be considered as a header in the leadership posture. Hence it would be convenient to market it as a pioneer product. The product matrix will focus on the product improvement, new market, and market penetration. On strategic integration, specific goals will be set that may be achieved during the sale of the product (Crawford, & Di, 2011). If the goals are achievable, then the product idea may be vetted as viable. The speed of market entry will consider the pre-launch speed as well as the post-launch speed.

Marketing Strategy

In an item launch process, the organization's central goal and targets are characterized by the organization since the start of product planning. The objective of Marketing is to make an incentive for the clients and guarantee a productive association with the clients. , a promoting technique is fundamental to achieve the goal. The gathering of clients is characterized through division and focusing on, and the appropriate response on how the organization will serve to its clients comes through separation and positioning. (Kotler et al., 2013). A market fragment comprises a gathering of clients which have comparable needs and react correspondingly to the promoting exercises. The advertising target includes the breaking down of each market and choosing at least one section as potential clients. Moreover, Kotler et al. (2013) characterize situating as a place which organizations possess in the clients' psyche to recognize their items from the contenders. In the locating of an organization, the client esteem separation and the benefits of the products towards the clients are critical. On the off chance that an organization guarantees preferable incentive over the contender, it is an absolute necessity to convey those qualities. This procedure is come from the separation of the market offering to make more noteworthy client value.

Marketing Mix

After characterizing the marketing system, the organization ought to set up the marketing blend. The marketing blend is the most critical arrangement of marketing devices which organizations can use to impact the request of the clients for its products. This arrangement of apparatus is gathered into a gathering called the four Ps of marketing (Crawford, & Di, 2011). The four P's are product, place, price, and promotion.

The product is the article which has been created by an organization or maker which wants to pitch it to the client. The product is the primary contending thing of the organization, and it is thought to be the core of marketing blend. If a product does not satisfy the client needs or fulfillment, the value, advancement, and place won't have the capacity to accomplish the marketing target.

Price of the product characterizes the estimation of the product to the client. It is the essential factor which impacts the marketing. a few factors can control price, for example, product fabricating cost, a piece of the overall industry, target clients, sort of the product and so on (Fu & Jones, 2015)

Promotion is tied in with characterizing the way how the organization will speak with the clients. The central message is conveyed to the clients using marked advancement devices utilized as a part of offers and marketing. Special exercises help to separate the product from contenders and make a decent association with the clients (Fu & Jones, 2015).

Place is considered as conveyance channel which is utilized to convey the products to clients. Anyway the sort of product, which an organization offers, impact the way how it ought to be expressed.

Marketing In B2B Product Launch

As per Adams (2012) in 80 percent of B2B exchanges today, the client finds the provider. Adams partitions marketing into two phases: beginning period marketing which begins with the revelation organize and late-stage marketing which is executed when the organization is elevating the product to the market. The possibility of the early marketing stage is likewise specified by Robert G. Cooper, which sees marketing arranging as an action that begins soon after the thought age and proceeds through all new product process (Cooper, 2001). Moreover, Adams suggests that the 4 Ps originating from client ought to be created into a B2B demonstrate. With the correct product, the organization ought to fulfill the market needs. The right product is conveyed by satisfying the past stages. Understanding client needs and building the client esteem into the product.


Before launching another product, it is essential to comprehend which media inclinations the objective clients have. By utilizing the correct media, an organization can use all the more effectively the interest in advancing the new products into the market (Fu & Jones, 2015).

Sales Promotion

It is a standout amongst the most important achievement factors that influence the accomplishment of an item launch. Product promotion is made through inspiration exercises, which urge the clients to buy an item or an administration. For better, compelling outcomes, sales promotion exercises are joined with an individual offering which is another critical advancement device is utilized as a part of in a fruitful item launch (Kotler et al. 2013). As indicated by Kotler (2013), a special offering is made through the business compel which interfaces with the clients and prospects to manufacture connections and make sales. Sales experts on the present market are not the one that endeavors to push or exploit the client yet the one that tunes in to their necessities and help to find the arrangements (Crawford, & Di, 2011). Additionally, the business group should be extremely organized before going up against the clients and exhibiting the new items. The certainty on the product can impact the consistent quality and picture of the item according to the client (Adams, 2012).

Post Launch Review

It is important to direct a post-launch audit To quantify the achievement or the failure of the product launch. In a post-launch audit, it is critical to talk about what went well amid the launch of the item and what can be enhanced in the following item launch. A post-launch survey ought to be held within two months. The launch procedure is prescribed to happen in a well-disposed condition, with constant valuable criticism without reprimanding colleagues for things that have turned out badly (Fu & Jones, 2015). In any case, as per the organization contextual investigation, an item post-launch audit is held between three to a half year after the launch (Crawford, & Di, 2011). In the author's argument, the case demonstrates that the season of the post-launch audit can be connected contrastingly by organizations as indicated by their type of business. The author underpins the possibility that the business and the sort of the item which organization is putting forth impacts the planning in which an organization can get solid outcomes from its item launch.


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