National Branding

Published: 2019-05-22
National Branding
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The way we portray our own countries is very important in the building of any given nation. The term nation branding may be attributed to the action of making the image of any given country. It always aims at building the reputation of such nations. Why should a country promote this aspect of nation branding? There are many reasons why this would be very important, some of which may include; the country may decide to put more effort in nation branding in order to achieve its place in the global market, attract some of the best workforces that are required for development of any given nation, and finally to attract more investors in their country. It is therefore very important for any given nation to develop and ensure that they have a positive national branding in the global face; this is especially for the developing nations that are found mainly in Africa and parts of the Southern America CITATION Sou07 \l 1033 (Outhavong, 2007).

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For quite some time now, the United States of America has been regarded as the nation with the best brand, and as a matter of fact the place to be. This is because of the campaigns that are going on in order to brand the nation as the best to the rest of the world. The active participation of the U.S in various activities is something that is immensely contributing to the positive branding of the nation CITATION Kei10 \l 1033 (Dinnie, Nation Branding, 2010). America for instance, has the headquarters of the United Nations in one of its cities, a fact that proves that it is safe and secure. It also has a very stable economy compare to the rest of the countries. America has demonstrated political stability for years now, meaning it is a peaceful nation, and the fact that it is regarded as the superpower nation even makes it easier for her to have that good image as compared to the rest of the states in the world (Dinnie, 2008).

However, this good image of the United States is under threat and this is evident from the report released recently that placed U.S second behind Germany. Many people attribute this especially in countries such as Egypt and Russia, for her participation in the security and generally the global peace (Ezell, 2012). As one of the most powerful nations on the planet, there is a very high expectation that the rest of the world is looking forward to see from them and especially on issues that are affecting the growth and the stability of the world market for instance. Germany is gradually gaining the trust of most of the developed countries, and this aspect is exclusively accredited to the countries active participation in the sports arena, and having one of the most stable governmental stewardship across Europe CITATION Mel13 \l 1033 (Aronczyk, 2013). All this have contributed in one way or another in the making of the image of the nation. Winning the World Cup Championship that was staged in Brazil last year is another factor that contributed to the positive branding.

As much as all this has happened, America still remains the nation to beat. They have enjoyed the best national branding in the global face for a long period and the fact that, they are still making more innovations in various fields including technological advancement CITATION Kat09 \l 1033 (Fitzpatrick, 2009); it would be interesting to see how another nation would beat them.


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