My Reading Nightmare Essay Sample

Published: 2020-04-28
My Reading Nightmare Essay Sample
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Reading wasn't easy for me, no single sweet memory I could remember. Actually, at times it was traumatizing to me. It was among the first things in my life that I can recall I felt bad about it. I can recall how I struggled to spell my name. At first it all seemed that it was very easy. My teacher asked me my name and after pronouncing it I felt like I was a genius. I didnt need much help; I heard it all figured out. Then, few days later my teacher told me that the letter a comes before e, which is a common mistake. She asked me to try again and there I was I did it.

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It was considered as a common error and of not much importance. It all went this way till I reached my first grade. At this stage, all my homework was returned with all the error part collected and without any explanation. My teachers didnt think I was wrong just because I couldnt write the letters in the right way; they just assumed I needed to fix them. The teachers never thought that I was dyslectic because I could write letters that were turned backward. I was just wrong and this needed just some fixing.

I recall the disregard and cruelty of my classmates. I always happened to be the last to be chosen for group works, and I was passive during group activities. No one wanted to work with this slow kid on their team. At one time, my first-grade teacher chose five classmates to be the group, leaders. I recall that after all of them had chosen their favorite team members I was left alone sitting on the desk. My teacher asked me which group I would prefer to work with. I can recall one of the students shouting we dont want you, you cant even spell your name I slowly walked out with tears flowing on my chicks. This was the meanest thing I ever had from a person.

At this moment, I was confused and angry. All I was thinking is how I could punch that person. I felt ashamed, but it was not my fault. I heard enough problems already he didnt have to make them worse. After some time, my family moved out, and I heard to change from that school. On top of being angry on the students mistreating me and not knowing what I was doing wrong. I wanted very much to be like them, but I wasnt. At times, I thought I had brain damage or even mentally challenged I had so much stress. At this point, I didnt have hope of learning how to read and write. I knew something was wrong, and I had to fix it.

During my second grade I met my teacher, Miss Smith, I got a refer due to my poor performance in the languages. However, my referral was approved. I was very angry and sad for not being able to cope with education. Who was very useful on how to manage my anger issues as she taught me maths I was very good at maths. She did notice and realize that I heard anger issues and referred me to creative release class to manage my anger issues. I later did my fourth and fifth grade with some difficulty, but I managed. At my junior level, I had to burn the middle night oil to cope with the increasing complicated words. I struggled till I graduated.

I was terrified when I joined this group and feared that I might be chased out of school. Later I was taught on the anger management issues, and the program proved to be helpful I started having a positive attitude towards other subjects slowly by slowly. Anytime I felt angry about anything or studies I would excuse myself and attend the creative release, counselor. At this place, I would continue my work peacefully without any disturbance. I used this place to do other activities like read novels; second-grade story books and later started participating on the readers reward program.

This helped me much on the improvements of my reading and writing skills. At the junior level, I had minimal problems as I learned to do as many reading practices as possible. Though the readings were becoming complicated, I heard to get tougher and do more exercises. Even now I still struggle with focusing on what is reading and this was affecting my writing journey and skills. After several practices and reading the novels, I did make some efforts to creative writing. I had this feeling that I had to write. I wrote several creative stories, but my poor language betrayed me. I have a passion for writing, but my background is not that firm. I truly have confidence that this class will amplify my writing and reading confidence. Writing is a skill that can be learned.

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