My First Day of School - Personal Experience Essay Sample

Published: 2022-09-06
My First Day of School - Personal Experience Essay Sample
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As I walked along the red, somewhat narrow pavement that stretched across the student park; I could hear distant chatters. In my mind, I felt like everybody was talking about me. I was very intimidated by anyone I met along the pavement. It was my first day of campus, and I was still trying to fit in. I was about to learn that, it doesn't matter who I impress or intimidate; at the end of the day, campus life is about the impression that I make on myself.

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I was trying to impress other people so that I can fit in. For example, I met a young lad along the driveway with a lot of luggage. I offered to help him with his bags but he gives me some intense look then he says. "Do I look like I need some help." I had tried to get on his good side by offering to lend him a hand, but he had taken it the wrong way. So I met another lady sitting by the bench. She looked like a senior student, and I thought this is a good opportunity for me to get to know more about the school. I approached and extended my hand to greet her but then she said," go away! Do I look that desperate?" In both cases, I had tried to fit in by giving a good first impression, but my colleagues had interpreted both gestures the wrong way.

So I decided maybe I can use intimidation to curve my place in this school. While my mind was still wandering off thinking about how to fit in, I bumped into a short student who was carrying several books. His books fell to the ground, and I shout at him, "You should watch where you're going!" With confidence, he gave his apology before proceeding to pick his books from the floor and walked away. I was thinking to myself how odd it was because I wanted to pick a fight, but he was not interested. I then proceeded to enter the lecture hall and picked a place to sit. As I approached the seat, another student comes in and sits on the chair. A part of me wants to go and look for another chair, but I remembered the earlier incident and decided to try and intimidate the student. So I said, "get off my sit!" She offered an apology and proceeded to grab her notebook and moved to another seat.

I sat on that chair waiting for my first lesson on campus. I was thinking to myself, I had tried to impress and intimidate, but both techniques didn't work. Then the lecturer entered the room, and his first order of business was for everyone to introduce themselves. I listened to all these people with cool backgrounds and exciting stories. When it was my turn, I decided to avoid trying to impress or intimidate others. I told the professor my accurate but straightforward history of how I came to select such a career path. It was the simplest of stories, but it sounded more realistic than all the other experiences he had heard so far. Then an hour later the professor asks a question related to the lesson. He calls my name. It seemed he had marked my name because my story stood out from the rest. I didn't know the answer to the question, so I told him that I didn't have the solution to the problem. The whole class burst out in laughter. I had avoided intimidating or impressing anyone and decided to be honest about myself. Although entire class laughed at me, I was impressed by my actions.


As the day came to an end; I reflected on the events of the day and realized that I had just learned the most critical lesson on the campus. I had tried to impress the lad in the pavement and the lady on the bench, but both were not interested in what I had to offer. I had tried intimidating the student in the hallway and the lady in the lecture room, and I was not impressed by my actions. When I decided to be true to myself, I was impressed by the act. I didn't carry any guilt or regret. I didn't fake anything, and that is all that mattered.

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