Free Essay: Moving to Florida

Published: 2023-10-23
Free Essay: Moving to Florida
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Moving from Indiana to Florida was a tough decision. The reason being I had to leave my daughter and my sister behind. My purpose for moving was to support my husband in his new job. The move to Florida not only resulted in me joining college, but it also meant that I left my daughter, my sister, and her family behind who I miss. Before moving to Florida, I had spent my entire time in the United States in Indiana. My first job was assembling computers at a factory. Despite the occupation being temporary and comfortable, it could neither support me nor my daughter. After spending eight years in Indiana, I was finally able to purchase my own house, which had an indoor pool. The house had taken me a great deal of time and effort to buy, and it was on a sad note that I had to sell it when I moved to Florida.

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The experience I had gotten from my first home in Indiana made it quite easy for me to restart my new life in Florida and build my second home. Moving to Florida also gave me the chance to join college, a step that completely changed my life. It was the first time that I had not worked in over a year in this country. Fixing and remodeling my new house in Florida also taught me how to be resourceful, inventive, creative, and innovative though it was exhausting and stressful work. After joining the university, studying took all my time as it meant studying several subjects in one semester, which was exhausting and left me no time to tend to the house.

Moving to Florida was specifically challenging as I had to leave my daughter and her husband in Indiana. I had also spent a considerable amount of my life in Indiana, and I missed spending quality time with my sister and her family. But despite the difficulty I had with leaving Indiana, it opened new opportunities for me, such as college. Staying away from my daughter in Florida was very tough, and I had no idea how I would stay so far away from her. My daughter and I were very close and were always there for each other in times of trouble. After she got married, we still engaged in fun and bonding activities such as swimming, going to the store, watching movies, going camping, and cooking. We also went to concerts together and swam in our swimming pool. Although leaving my daughter was hard, it has made me stronger and more independent, and it has also taught me how to be more resourceful. I will visit her every year despite the distance. Despite the snow being beautiful, I don't particularly appreciate staying in cold weather. I am tired of the snow in winter; thus, I visit my daughter during the summer in Northern Indiana.

Moving to Florida saddened my sister and her family as I had never been that far from them. While living in Indiana, we would go swimming, fishing, and even the zoo. We also went camping in a cabin in the mountains of Michigan. While at the cabin, we spent time on a boat going to different lakes and eating at a variety of various restaurants. In Indiana, we would have small get-togethers for the family during the holidays. When it snowed outside, my niece and I would make snowmen and snow angels. My best time at Christmas was when we would dress up in Santa hats and take pictures. Unfortunately, now that I am in Florida, I cannot spend as much time with my family in Indiana, and I can now focus on helping out my other sisters and family. I also left my best friend and her son, who considered me an aunt in Indiana.

Leaving Indiana was instrumental for my moving out of my comfort zone. Living away from my daughter made me resilient and self-reliant. Deciding to move to Florida together made me tougher. Living in Florida has enabled me to propel myself forward and think outside the box and has also taught me to appreciate the time I spent with my sister and her family. Moving to Florida created essential learning opportunities for me. I was able to join the university and pursue my studies. Studying has given me a sense of usefulness and aided me in building a better and brighter future for myself.

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