Paper Example. Motivation Test

Published: 2023-08-20
Paper Example. Motivation Test
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The test has confirmed that one of my fundamental needs is finishing tasks that I schedule or are set for me, on time, and in perfection. Incomplete tasks tend to make me worried about the consequences. Another critical need that has been proven is engaging in things that I enjoy and make me happy, for instant hanging out with my family and friends. I tend to be reasonably sensitive about my happiness. From the test, it is clear that I often need rewards to motivate me to finish troublesome assignments.

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Having needs is one thing, and satisfying them is another. The test has reflected how my personality meets the requirements stated above. I tend to incorporate fun and excitement in my tasks to complete them. The analysis has clearly shown that I value my happiness, and introducing this personality in my jobs helps ease the pressure. Engaging emotions in tasks sometimes creates an excellent state of flow that sees someone through difficult tasks. To have a happy life and do things that make me happy, I come up with to do and to-don't list. It helps me organize my life and rule out activities that I do not enjoy and like. I make more time for things that bring me joy, such as spending time with family and friends, doing sports, going to parties, and associating with positive-minded people. Rewards, especially at my workplace, motivate me to complete challenging assignments. I usually find satisfaction in actively seeking prizes such as promotions, money rewards, or gift hampers to get me to do some tasks.

Variations do occur in my needs as far as home and workplace are concerned. Personally, the family is the most critical thing in my life. It makes me perform tasks at home without considering any reward or compensation. My unconditional love for my family motivates me to endure whatever degree of challenges a job might bring. The personality test has brought out that I would never go out of my way to seek the reward of any form if the task involves my family. The case is reversed when it comes to my workplace, where prizes are my utmost drive for motivation. Achieving and completing a particular task at home and work has been more comfortable with the introduction of fun while at it. Additionally, I tend to seek happiness regardless of my location. My life is satisfied as long as it is graced with things that I enjoy.

Just as everybody has a mission, mine is to do well and succeed in life. Fortunately, my needs powerfully drive that motivation to secure a great living. My personality perception of a successful life revolves around engaging in activities that bring happiness to me, being around people that matter the most to me, planning a routine for your tasks to achieve total performance. Seeking rewards, especially at work, also helps me do well in life because it is from those promotions that a more significant income is assured.

Getting up every morning to attend work is not that easy unless something strongly motivates someone. It is my family, for me. My love for my family and the desire to provide for them substantially drives me to secure the bag by waking up to work every day. I willingly go out of my way to adequately cater to their needs, and not even a sweet morning sleep would stop me from that.

Having discussed the above results from my personality test with a trusted friend, I realized that someone's needs might be determined by their personality. Seeking rewards as a means of motivation does not always work well. This is because financial rewards do not necessarily enhance performance in tasks that require immense creativity; instead, they tend to promote poor performance. Engaging in activities that make one happy is a positive motivation for succeeding in life. Happiness and satisfaction of a person's desires make the experience memorable and enjoyable. Therefore, one should avoid things that do not set their soul on fire. Finding pleasure and enjoying performing tasks possibly release any tension and allows timely completion. However, this may not apply to every assignment. Finishing a duty could be more satisfying if perfection and quality performance would come with it.

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