Essay Sample on Models for Organizational Change

Published: 2023-03-27
Essay Sample on Models for Organizational Change
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Organizations make use of various models to manage organizational changes in order to meet the organization's set objectives (Keele, 2020). The model makes use of tools and techniques that can assist people in undertaking successful personal transitions leading to realizations and adoption of the change (Maes & Hootegem, 2019). The models focus on fundamental principles of change that are both effective and efficient at the individual levels. The very principles are designed to be applicable to an entire organization or a large group of people. Organizational change models are significant in the manner they simplify and describe the various processes to apply the principles.

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While considering the issues of organizational change, I would prefer the ACE Star Model. This is because it is a simple, economic representation of various relationships between numerous transformation stages as the knowledge that is newly discovered is put into practice (Keele, 2020). The model is inclusive of all processes that are familiar and puts emphasis on the unique aspects of evidence-based practice (EBP). Furthermore, the ACE Star Model helps in placing the nursing's prior scientific works within the contexts of EBP (Keele, 2020). It helps in the examination and application of EBP as well as in mainstreaming nursing into a proper framework of evidence-based practice.

In the context of the implementation of the ACE Star Model, Rogers' Diffusion of Innovation Model would be very pivotal as it would serve as a theoretical framework that helps in the identification of conditions that enhances the adoption of innovation as well as other related methods (Smith et al., 2018). Rogers' Diffusion of Innovation Model would help in examining how given clinical behaviors are adopted and permits the direction of focus toward perceived attributes of innovation that increasingly enhance adoption.

Both the ACE Star Model and Rogers' Diffusion of Innovation Model can be together in the dissemination of evidence-based practices that may form a basis for implementing research or organizational change (Smith et al., 2018). Researchers are linked via dissemination partnerships with intermediaries that can act as brokers of knowledge as well as connectors to healthcare organizations.

Conclusively, models for organizational change are very pivotal in managing changes in an organization. It creates an effective and efficient mechanism that assists people in undertaking successful personal transitions leading to realizations and adoption of the change. The model has brought a lot of efficiency in the clinical setup by placing the nursing's prior scientific works within the context of evidence-based practice hence enhancing the health of individuals.


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