Essay Sample on Mental Health Counselors with Adults

Published: 2023-09-26
Essay Sample on Mental Health Counselors with Adults
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Gatz et al. (1984) have worked on an article highlighting older paraprofessionals. It is titled “Older Adult Paraprofessionals: Working With and in Behalf of Older Adults.” The main topic highlighted in this article are the issues that are relevant to the cases of the older paraprofessionals are working with their peers. Mendenhall et al. (2017) focus on the mental health knowledge of school employees when they are handling students experiencing mental issues to make sure they become successful. The article is titled “Role of School Employees’ Mental Health Knowledge in Interdisciplinary Collaborations to Support the Academic Success of Students Experiencing Mental Health Distress.”

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Gatz et al. (1984) note that the main issues that are relevant to the aged paraprofessional include the emphasis placed on the mental health benefits and the range of roles that are taken by these workers and outcome evaluation. The authors clarify the diversity that is employed in the process of recruiting the employees, selecting which is then followed by training. There is a determination of the age similarity that exists among the various stakeholders involved in the paraprofessionals’ activity and the way it is enhancing effectiveness. Mendenhall et al. (2017), on the other hand, notes that there is a high chance of children experiencing mental illness to encounter problems in their education process.

The author also places their focus on the collaboration that exists between the health care officers and the tutors when they are helping the students with mental problems. The findings of this article are that the teaching fraternity has little knowledge of the mental health issues. The problem makes it difficult to help a learner that may be experiencing tough times, and the collaboration of the community health professionals is also adversely affected by the physicians are unable to work with the teachers.

When undertaking the study, Gatz et al. (1984) highlighted six issues that are involved when the paraprofessionals are working with elderly peers. The problem statement is given, and it has educational significance. The variables of interest are noted, but the references are not analyzed critically. These six sections mentioned by the authors are mainly highlighted, and the details given are not adequately covered. The authors did not venture into depth on the way these issues are affecting the interaction between these two groups. The authors have not focused on literature reviews which would have enabled the readers to have a clear understanding of the assertions raised by other writers on the same topic.

Comparing the findings from various scholars enables a reader to have a deeper understanding of the matters under discussion. Mendenhall et al. (2017) manages to give a review of the literature. Therefore, readers can manage to compares the findings in this article with the research done by other authors on the same topic. However, the study uses small sample size, meaning that the findings highlighted in this study may not be a clear representation of a population. Therefore, there is a possibility that the conclusion made in this article lacks authenticity, and they are wrong.

A critical issue to note is that the classified school staffs were not represented in this analysis, and it also lacked a wide social workers’ representation. Additionally, the study focuses on the teachers’ preparedness towards managing the issue of mental health problem among students. The topic is misguided, considering that the tutors are trained on the teaching process, and there is a high chance that they may lack skills on the ability to handle health matters when they arise. Therefore, these two articles have their limitations and strengths that should be considered by a reader to determine if the information given in them is adequate.


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