Medicine Career - Personal Statement Essay Sample

Published: 2022-08-18
Medicine Career - Personal Statement Essay Sample
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I have much interest in a medical career, and I can do better if given a chance to hold the position. I have developed this interest over many years now since I was a little kid but it did not make any meaning to me until lately. I have tried enrolling in different colleges to pursue related medicine careers, but there has not been a chance for me. Majorly, I would like to concentrate on mental health for patients because I have had a good experience with my sister who is suffering from the same. I have also drawn a lot of inspiration from a majority of the current studies which build curiosity for an occurrence of these mental disorders and their effects (Mitchell et al. 2002). I have a great passion for medicine, and I would like to pursue the course further and expand on the knowledge of various mental health care.I have a shadowy experience in mental health care which I believe will be a stepping stone to greater heights in the future. I have a sister that is currently in a facility and coping with a mental breakdown. My sister and I have had a different upbringing. As a stepsister, she has undergone a lot of pain from the fact that my parents are reluctant to take proper care of her and was involved in many instances that required quick medical attention but did not get it whatsoever. It is not surprising that she has had to think about suicide and other situations of ideation. As an elder sibling, I was required to know how to handle stress appropriately. My sister's condition has been one of a kind, and I had to give my full support whenever it was possible. This is one way I am fit for a medical course in mental health care. I can meet the selection criteria from my above experience with my sister. I also understand what involves studying this course at the university level.

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My experience in pharmacy also ensures that I am a good candidate for this course. I worked as a pharmacy technician and experienced the problems that face the majority of frequent customers in the region. I encountered several instances of customers who tried their best to fill their narcotics in several of the multiple pharmacies that were situated in the entire area. They attempted to cheat the system. I learned from such kind of instances that there was a need for proper oversight to ensure that patients did not end up becoming addicted (Foster 2007). It was also a good idea to notify others that they should make it known to the public that narcotics are dangerous and that customers need to seek the appropriate medication for their conditions.

It was such an excellent experience to work as a technician at the pharmacy, and I was able to gather useful information that would be relevant in the field of mental health. Pharmacy experience is one practical thing I have been able to do outside the classroom. I worked hard to get a position to serve as a technician at the pharmacy because of my interest and passion for building on my career. I was able to develop a good understanding of the different medications for various diseases and how they were to be administered. I believe that I am suitable for the medicine course because I have been able to build on my classwork with practical work of serving at different places and observing the behavior of these customers that suffer from mental disorders.

My experience from chronic homelessness also builds on the interest of pursuing a course in medicine to particularly provide care to the patients with mental disorders. I experienced homelessness at first hand that helped me take note of the harsh conditions that come as a result of poverty. Since childhood, I had to sacrifice a lot of privileges and leave them for my younger siblings to enjoy. Being 6, we could not fit in one bed such that my sister and I had to sleep on the floor so that our younger siblings could share the bed. Sleeping on the floor was a great contributor to the bug bites that severely affected my sister. The harsh conditions of poverty were well understood through such experience. The experience of being raised in a low-income family built the passion in me to reach to the majority of the homeless people and the impoverished individuals as well. I believe that the poor people also deserve a boost to their lives such that the able take their time to help them and donate accordingly. It is my entire wish that I will be able to educate the general public on the importance of checking their medical condition and the effects of ignorance as per the case of my sister (Last 2016). The experience is relevant to my medicine course because I can work according to the transparent development in the stated subject.The experience I gained from the Romanian heritage also helped to know the status of living of most people and their entire needs. The reason why my family moved to America was that of the fall of the communist regime in Romania. The scheme led to a time during which the health care was poor; there were instances of malnourishment for most of the residents and poverty came upon the most population. There was ideally no food in the region, and people had to get alternatives to suit themselves. The experience in a communist regime has helped me to know its effect on the society when it does not succeed (Tawfik et al. 2018). As a physician in mental health status, I will be able to identify the needs of these people and help them accordingly. A lot of pain to the residents arises due to these kinds of conditions, and medical professions are necessary to handle such instances. I am set to work very hard to attain my goals in a medical career as a mental physician. I will be able to work with others that are found in most organizations, clinics and other hospitals that also have programs whose main aim is to treat chronic pain and reduce the usage of narcotics. I believe that with my experience in the instances mentioned above, I will have the necessary professional skills that I can continue to build on as time passes. I will ensure that I also improve on my transferable skills such as working independently, engaging in teamwork, skills in problem-solving and organizational skills among others.

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