Essay Sample on Measuring Competence for Promotions

Published: 2023-11-04
Essay Sample on Measuring Competence for Promotions
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Promotion refers to appointing a current employee to a higher grade or post within the organization's hierarchical levels. Different approaches and strategies are used to determine who meets the various promotion standards. This essay assesses traditional and modern ways that organizations measure competence for promotion and their advantages and disadvantages.

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Traditional Competence Measuring Approaches

Traditional approaches that organizations used to measure competence for promotion entailed comparing employees against each other. It includes strategies such as ranking and confidential reporting methods. The confidential reporting method involves situations where subordinates are assessed by their superiors, who later write a report on their performance. Traditional competence measuring approaches have a myriad of advantages, such as offering firsthand accounts on an employee’s performance, thus guiding the top management towards making a competent promotional choice (Jaiswal, 2020). Its disadvantages involve focusing on the negative and only criticizing an employee from their superior’s perspective (Jaiswal, 2020).

Modern Competence-measuring Approaches

Modern approaches used to measure competencies involve using assessment-based centers. It entails most organizations outsourcing the centers for evaluation by offering tests to evaluate an employee’s capacities to handle higher and broader responsibilities. Its advantage includes examining the employee on future expected roles to determine whether they should get promoted. Besides, modern competency measuring approaches provide for managers to observe and appraise their employees depending on particular needed job-related traits. The approach can identify the best performer to handle a specific task, therefore, proposing their promotion (Tripathi, 2016). Its disadvantage is that it is expensive, requires skilled evaluators, and candidates might be denied a chance to provide appropriate feedback (Tripathi, 2016).


Promotion entails appointing current employees to a higher post within the organization hierarchy. Traditional competence measuring approaches require comparing employees against each other. Modern competence-measuring approaches involve using assessment-based centers.


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