Meaning and Work - Free Essay with Article Analysis

Published: 2017-08-12
Meaning and Work - Free Essay with Article Analysis
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Finding the meaning in your work is an article written by Katherine Brooks Ed. D. In this article Katherine Brooks trays to show how finding the meaning in your job can help you to transform you as a person and also the organization you are in. She trays to depict that people venture into business or look for jobs with different priorities and this is why she highlights five dimensions which people can use in light of their desired career or their current job. In her article on finding the meaning of work where she came up with the five dimensions to look at before entering into their desired career, one of the most critical aspects which I will follow and I see they are very significant in choosing a career is where she talks about money

Meaning and Work

Money is the primary goal why people are venturing into careers which pay the most. We all want to improve our living standards, to have a status among our people and also to meet our daily desires. We are going to achieve all that we desire by having a career that is highly paid off. By having a career which you will earn you a lot of money, other dimensions which K. Brooks talk about will come along. Like passion in a job will come automatically because of the motivation you will get from the income you will be receiving, and you are going to love your job. About the status also it comes when you have money. Most of the people in the society get recognized because they are financially stable and not because they are engineers or those highly recognized career.

Katherine's article about finding the meaning your work is different from natural philosophy on man's search for meaning in that openly talks about every individual in the world for them to should have a purpose. If you do not have a purpose, then you will have a meaningless life. He also argues that it is life itself which ask us question and not the other way round. Unlike Katherine philosophy where we can see that it is us individuals who are having control of our lives like we can choose which career we want.

Response to the first post

I tremendously agree you regarding your assertions in relation to the post by Katherine Brooks and David and Arthur Brooks. In reality, the article provides a foundation of various steps through which one can get an opportunity to choose the right career opportunity. In response to working in the areas of passion and money, I think you got it right. An individual will only prosper when he or she works in the area career line he is passionate. You can be financial stable as a result. Finally, in regard to David and Arthur, it is true that meaning of jobs comes from moments.

Response to second post

Nice post! I concur with you that Katherine article about finding the meaning your work is different from natural philosophy on man's search for meaning in that openly talks about every individual in the world for them to should have a purpose. I agree with your assertions that Also, a poor character with unhealthy relationships seems detrimental to the mind and how it works. Positivism reflects positivism. When selecting a career choice, I would choose one that coincides with my character and one that builds positive relationships in the process, regardless of pay. In relation to David and Arthurs article, it is important to develop change as the world around us develop and through this, we would be happy with our careers.

Response to the third post

Great post indeed. I was also fascinated by the manner in which the author has succeeded in listing the first dimension of meaning as earning money. It is true that if one is not making a salary to help support their family and themselves, then it is not possible that their jobs will be meaningful. Finally, passion is more important than money and work, and through this, an individual can be subjected to love his or her job.

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