Essay Sample on McCain Food's Strategy

Published: 2022-11-30
Essay Sample on McCain Food's Strategy
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McCain Food was founded by "The McCain brothers" and is currently the largest producer of "frozen potato products" such as fry's roasts, frozen fries. The essay will delve on the motivations that may influence the consumer decision-making process.

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The current product portfolio for the company is based on providing a variety of quick recipes and desserts. Inclusive of pizzas and fries. If a customer buys a larger piece of pizza of any type at $100 they will be able to get another free larger slice of pizza on specific days like Tuesday and Friday and those who were to buy a full packet of fries $60 they will get a free smoky and glass of juice (Smith, 2011,7). The marketing campaign was created to attract more customers to choose Maccains food as opposed to other rival companies like Tyson Foods, Kraft Heinz Company. This is what has motivated customers to alter their consumer decision-making process.

The other way that may motivate consumers to choose the company is by Maccains Food strengthening its position strategy. Their brand should be based on technological advancement and "inclusivity" (Smith, 2011, 7). For example, the company should use different device categories of meals that are nutritious and ensure the product promotes sustainability and fulfillment of customers' needs.

Another way the company should ensure they motivate customers into accessing their high course meal. Moccasins Food has developed an effective marketing mix, whereby the price of the products should be low and competitive as opposed to their rival companies.

Effective Pricing Strategies

Some of the marketing strategies that Maccains Food Inc. included determining price depending on the economy of the nation. This will help the food company to come up with lower prices of their meals but not to the extent of spending more on improving their meals to the point of being at bankrupt (Morris, 2010, 324). They can also use "mental" pricing strategies where they will able to respond on the complaints generally made on the service and meals offered to them; this will help them to be always ahead of their competitors. The third and most important pricing strategy includes pricing strategies to gain market share or gain customer recognition. Maccains food will keep a low price of their meals at the "limited period "of time for example for months. This will help the company build its reputation and set up a "customer base "within the hotel industry.

Place Marketing Strategy

Maccains Food Company should have an outdoor catering of their meals to local communities members since this will help them grow their customer base and also with effective delivery strategies of food to the customers at no extra cost or small fee it will help consumers get motivated and may influence their decision of having their meal in their restaurant/

Promotional Strategies

The company should develop effective promotional strategies to lure or motivate customers to eat in Maccain's food (Cravens, 2016). The promotional strategy they can use include. Product promotional strategy which includes improving on the recipes of food offered and lowering the price or having discounts to influence the consumer decisions. The main aim of this strategy is that it will help increase the sales value hence increased revenue from the generated sales. This is the primary strategy I would like to recommend the company to implement.


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