Marketing Research: Vital for Company Growth and Profits - Research Proposal

Published: 2023-09-14
Marketing Research: Vital for Company Growth and Profits - Research Proposal
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Marketing research is very essential for the growth of the company. Through marketing research organizations are able to identify the goods and services that they should supply in the a result the revenues and profits of the company increase. However, in the event marketing research is carried out inappropriately there is a possibility of responding to the customers demands and needs inappropriately. Consequently, the organization’s income falls and so are the some scenarios the companies record mega losses due to inappropriate response to the consumer wishes towards. Therefore, to understand this concept the paper focuses on poor survey design as a marketing problem that is experienced by the coca cola company.

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Diagnose the Marketing Problem

Problem: Poor survey design in coca cola when conducting marketing research

Poor survey design is a common challenge in the conduction of marketing survey. Often failure to identify and respond to this challenge leads to collection of unnecessary other words the given market research fails to meet its a result the organization responds to the needs and wishes of the customers inappropriately and sometimes it does not respond at all. Hence the customers poor receive the products introduced to them and the organization makes mega losses. In fact, some companies like coca cola have had to call off some brands in the market due to poor receival that led to losses.

The root cause of poor survey design is inadequate focus when structuring the research design. Therefore, the designs fail to identify the main target market they wish to study. Additionally, the interview or the questionnaire questions are ineffectively identified which leads the research not to capture important customer perspectives about certain brands. Another cause is failure to identify the specific techniques of selecting the target customers participating in the a result the researcher ends up using inappropriate data analysis methods to make conclusions of the marketing study. For example, a marketing researcher may assume to use random sampling method when identifying the target population but generalize the results to apply to the entire market. Consequently, the brands perform poorly upon its arrival in the market.

Develop the Marketing Research Problem

Coca la is one of the greatest soft drinks company in the world. The company is a multinational that operates in over 200 countries in the world. The headquarters of the company are situated in Atlanta Georgia. furthermore, Coca-Cola company transactions have existed for more than a century and three decades. The company have several brands in different markets however some brands cut across all the markets. Some of the brands are Coke, Fanta, Coke zero, Coke diet, Dasani, Sprite, Minute maid, Gold Peak Tea and Powerade among others.

Coca-Cola company operates in a very competitive industry. There several major organizations that are present in the American soft drinks industry. Some of the Coca-Cola close competitors are Pepsi, Red bull, Britvic and Nestle among others. There many products in the market from these companies that compete against each other. The markets of these companies are almost similar. One of the greatest markets for these companies is the USA. Their markets are mainly composed by children, teenagers, as well as the young adults. There is also a significant percentage of the adults and senior citizens also consume the soft beverages.

However, the market is the U.S is changing and people are preferring more healthy drinks like water and tea to carbonated drinks. The problem is that the soft drinks industry is experiencing poor research and it took them a longer period to respond to changes in their market segment. It was until recently that Coca-Cola decided to introduce coke zero in the market. The mistake occurs in the restructuring of the research questions and also sampling of the target population. The presentation of the questions the surveys on the online platforms only also seems not effective for all the brands being presented in the market.

Support with Research

Most of the multinational organizations focus on international marketing. International marketing research is mainly performed through online surveys that are presented to various target audiences. Despite it being cheaper than other methods mistakes in the structuring of survey questions are quite common. Therefore, it is important to apply multimode strategies to appropriately collect data from the targeted respondents (Chyung et al.,2017). The use of Likert scale is not always effective on some questions.

According to Hulland et al. (2018) marketing researchers have the obligation to design, administer and analyses the surveys to make the perfect market decisions. However, the often faced by the challenge of performing depth-analysis of the markets. The poor survey designs are the leading causes of the challenges experienced. It is important to note change in the handling of surveys will result marketing research.

Research Questions

  • Which are challenges that market researchers experience due to poor survey design in research?
  • How can market researchers improve poor survey designs?
  • What are the efforts that organizations are making to prevent the negative effects of poor survey design?


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