Essay Sample on Marketing Plan for Nurse Practitioner

Published: 2022-11-09
Essay Sample on Marketing Plan for Nurse Practitioner
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An advanced practice nurse is a registered individual who has the knowledge and expertise base, clinical competencies, and decision-making skill for expanded practice. Importantly, the characteristics of the nurse are shaped by the context and nation in which he or she practices (Swan, Ferguson, Chang, Larson, & Smaldone 2015). The responsibilities of advance practice nurse include developing a differential diagnosis, maintain records, participate in research studies, arrange for patient referrals and consolation, develop therapeutic plan care, interpret, and order lab results and other diagnostic studies, and provide family and patient education and counseling.

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Chosen Advanced Practice Role

The chosen role is a holistic caregiver. Advanced nursing practice plays a crucial role in helping a patient has a quick recovery. The healthcare system is supposed to address the patient's mental, spiritual, and cultural needs. The increasing diversity in the growing patient populations require the advance nursing practitioners to demonstrate the sensitivity and cultural awareness (WisurHokkanen, Glasberg, Makela, & Fagerstrom, 2015). Moreover, the patients have specific preference and needs because of their gender or religion. Importantly, nurses should be respectful and have the knowledge about the diverse backgrounds and at the same time remaining vigilant in providing quality healthcare to the patients.

An institution that Employs AP

The Toledo Hospital is a public facility that is located in Toledo Ohio and is part of the ProMedical Health System. The hospital is a level 1 trauma center and is the biggest acute hospital in the area with about 4,800 healthcare professional and more than 1,000 specialty and primary care physicians caring for the patients in the 794 beds in the facility. Moreover, the hospital is ranked highly nationally among top 5% hospitals. Primarily, in 2007 HealthGrades presented three awards the Cardiac Care Excellence Award, the Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence, and the Cardiac Surgery Excellence Award. The amenities in the institution include a library, internet access, two gift shops, a cafeteria, and pastoral services.

Literature Review

Marketing is used nearly in all occupations although its main impact and focus are on business and other related professions. The American Marketing Association mainly defines marketing as an activity, set of processes for communicating, creating, exchanging, and delivering offerings that have value for clients, partners, customers, and the society at large (Johnson & Garvin 2017). Moreover, when an individual is engaged in marketing, they are mainly trying to some something to someone. However, most people hate selling and dislike what is being sold. On the other hand, it is essential to take a moment and consider that nurse practitioner everyday work with patients toward different goals which include smoking cessation, losing weight, taking medication, exercising, and changing their dressing.

The marketing plan for the advanced nurse practitioner would include the following:

  • Self-Assessment: self-assessment is crucial as it helps the nurse practitioner determine and understand the value the business and him or her will bring to the table.
  • Who: it is essential for the nurse practitioner to determine the people who will be his or her clients, and this helps in creating targeted messages (Gadbois, Miller, Tyler, & Intrator, 2015).
  • The message: the message needs to resonate with the people adequately.
  • Marketing campaigns: the marketing campaign needs to consist of a problem, and objective, and the action steps that will enable the practitioner to achieve his or her goal.
  • Where to market: primarily, the decision on where to market is dictated by what has been identified as the avatar (Waddell, Spalding, Navarro, Jancar, & Canizares, 2015). For instance, if the nurse practitioner is dealing with people who like to hang out on Facebook, then he or she will use Facebook as the primary marketing tool.

Four Competencies

The competences that are affecting advanced nursing practitioner include human dignity, social justice, integrity, and autonomy (BryantLukosius, Spichiger, Martin, Stoll, Kellerhals, Fliedner, & Schwendimann 2016). Honesty is necessary for nursing as it helps nurses to receive quality health care service. Nurses are considered to be people who believe human dignity, and they take a crucial part the help in the patient and the painful recovery process. This is the essential process in nursing profession helping the patient in the recovery process.


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