Marketing Development: Research and Strategies for Expansion - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-14
Marketing Development: Research and Strategies for Expansion - Essay Sample
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Market development is the expansion plan that recognizes and advances new market sections for available products. The development plan purposes on the non-buying clients presently embattled divisions and the new clients in the original parts. The development of a market is a process involving two steps. The fist is the market research, where you must determine the market sections that are relevant in pursuing. The second is the creation of promotional strategies to help in entering the present market. The AT & T acronym stands for American Telephone and telegraph. Telegraph has been extinct for many years; hence the organization changed its name to AT&T maintaining the last T as an indication of the history of the organization. The paper aims at exploring a country to enhance the expansion of the company’s market shares, determination of the strategies to be used in the expansion plan, identification of a country that is a viable option, and the reasons as to why the country offers feasible chances.

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AT&T is the United States (US) primary telecommunications service provider and wireless service provider corporation. This company gives voice, data, internet telecommunications, professional services, and videos to government agencies, clients, and firms. The company operates in the US. It has lately extended its operations globally in the states such as China, Spain, Malaysia, Hongkong, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, France, Switzerland, Australia, Latin America, and Mexico. The business extended through planned associations and attainment of the previously current companies (Berger, 2012). Strategic alliances involve the agreement between several parties to undertake agreed objectives that are necessary. It’s the best method of entering into the global markets. A perfect example of a strategic alliance is the coalition between Uber and Spotify. These companies increase their customer base as they offer the Uber riders to take regulation of the stereo. AT&T typically obtains the minor service providers in the global countries and increases internationally.

In the expansion plan, I would endorse Nepal for AT&T to enter. Nepal is a country that is landlocked between China and India. Nepal’s three major telecom operators include; Ncell, Smart cell, and the Nepal telecom. The country is known best for its mountain peaks with some of the highest mountains in the world, such as Mount Everest (Sutherland, 2011). The company can enter into a partnership with United Telecom Limited, a recognized brand name in Nepal. Coming in association with the corporation would propose some advantages to AT&T by making their entrance and formation smoother. The company can encase the brand worth already recognized by United Telecom Ltd. Thus, entering through a strategic alliance with such a country is a viable option.

Choosing Nepal is a viable option since the economy of a country is drastically growing. Nepal telecommunications have significantly increased over recent years, with both the fixed and mobile phone users reaching almost four million. Around 1.3 million subscribers have started availing the telecom connections and telecommunication service providers (Karthik, 2019). Moreover, the gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate, Rise in income, Population, and mobile phone usage has increased immensely in the recent past. It can, therefore, be concluded that Nepal is a viable option to improve the business of AT&T.


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