Free Essay Example - Market Depression

Published: 2023-07-11
Free Essay Example - Market Depression
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Countries face difficult times which cause economic downtown. Despite the economic progress of the country, depression affects the economic activities of the people and the government. The United States practices a free market economy and has experienced situations in which economic challenges led to a change in economic activities and governmental interventions. The current Coronavirus pandemic has affected the economic activities of all countries. In the past situations in America, people and the government reacted and adapted new strategies to ensure their survival. The documents present the experiences of people in the recent depression situations and the role the government took in addressing the challenges. In times of economic, social, or political challenges, the attitudes, reactions, and laws of the country determine the impact of the situation on the people.

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The Great Depression

The Great Depression is the worst economic challenge that occurred between 1929 and 1939. Industrial countries, such as the United States were affected by the stock market crash. The recovery article presents Tarpley; a united states' finance officer in treasurer at the time says most people lost their businesses, house, and property ("Recovery. (Library Of Congress)"). He, however, used the situation to improve his life. The bank he was working with got challenges keeping in shape and maintaining their reputation to the public. Tarpley lost his job and the savings he had hoped to use. Tarpley got a temporary job to help his family until his friend connected him to another bank job. The connection with the senator opened more job opportunities, primarily through political friends' influence. Tarpley proudly relates his success to the respect and the class it has put him in society. To Tarpley, the Great Depression was a blessing in disguise because it opened his mind to more job opportunities and expanded his ideology on saving and value of friends and politics under challenging times.

Frank presents the activities and lifestyle of pushcart peddlers. Pushcart peddlers were homeless and collected relevant junk materials from selling and using. The men who live in pushcart peddlers' colony participate in creating amenities that are relevant to their sustainability. The physical conditions the men live in are pathetic, but the residents do not mind ("Afternoon In A Pushcart Peddlers Colony (Library Of Congress)"). On cold nights these men are forced to look for warmer spots in their barge to relax or use their jazz suppliers and women to entertain them. According to the arguments of the two men interviewed, the residents of the Pushcart peddler colony have shared values and beliefs. The men believe in their handwork and consider women as distracters who are only good at one thing. The individuals who live in these places think they're able individuals who can provide for themselves without government home relief-the men associated themselves with the National Civil Association that advocated for self-reliance. Pushcart peddlers believe they are responsible for their well-being despite the economic challenges and help the government was offering.

The Begging article presents the challenges a family of six people went through during the Great Depression. Garret's family was negatively affected by depression, making the children skip school for five weeks ("Begging - For Teachers (Library Of Congress)"). The children's absenteeism caught the interest of the teachers whose realization presented through the article. Mr. Garret worked as a hard worker and had not worked for nine weeks since the employer no longer needed his skills. The family had nothing to eat, and the student needed to eat. Mrs. Garret aimed at getting free food and charities to feed her family. She got free shoes from Pender's shore, dinner from Y.M.C.A and medicine from the nurse. Mrs. Garret would yet have more problems due to her pregnancy. Mrs. Garret's reaction to the Great Depression has left the family in more problems. The children have adopted the borrowing attitude making them more desperate.

The articles reflect the situation the world is facing and how people reacted. In the Recovery article, Tarpley used his skills to adapt to the situation and improve his family lifestyle. Coronavirus has affected many working individuals, especially in technical sectors (Sehn 4). Individuals have lost their jobs leading to financial problems. Some people have utilized available resources and their skills to remain relevant to their customers and to continue supporting their operations. For instance, online business platforms and entertainment sectors are utilizing technology to reach their customers. Tutors are using online platforms to impart knowledge to students while they earn a significant amount of money.

Pushcart peddlers' article presents the effects of values and ideology to react to economic depression. The coronavirus pandemic has influenced people, especially religious groups, to view it as a spiritual weapon handled through spiritual interventions-beliefs relating to the virus, in some cases, as led to more severe conditions. For instance, the United States failed to implement measures to reduce transmission of the disease. Some of the social groups are ignoring the measures made by the government and healthcare facilities. For instance, social distancing is not observed by most families due to social beliefs on the functioning of a family. The begging article presents the reliance of the people on well-wishers and charitable groups to provide food, clothing, and medical help in a pandemic situation. The dependence on begging hinders people from being creative to seek better strategies. In such circumstances, people misuse relief and charity roles by avoiding work and relying on help.

Present pandemic attitude and laws

The coronavirus has evolved from one country challenge to a worldwide health situation. The disease was identified first in Wuhan China in 2019 but has affected almost all countries. Individuals' and countries' attitudes toward the virus have changed. More people are taking it seriously by adopting the identified measures to reduce the number of infected people. The United States government was reluctant to impose laws that would lead to reduced cases of coronavirus to its people. The increased number of infections and the number of deaths contribute to a change in attitude and laws.

Delayed Tests

The United lagged in testing the people on the coronavirus. The country was lacking efficient equipment, and the leaders were not ready to implement necessary policies like other countries. Its delay in control and prevention had considerable costs to the economy and health of the people (Khazan 3). Leaders, including the president, had a light focus on controlling the disease. These negative attitudes towards the virus led to ineffective collaboration towards containing the virus.

Travel, immigration, and transportation regulations

The United States developed policies that ensured the borders of the United States patrolled to regulate how people entered the united. Department of Homeland Security imposed travel restrictions, especially for arrivals from countries such as Canada and Mexico ("Government Response to Coronavirus, COVID-19 | Usagov"). The government also controlled how the consumers were protected from the producers through the regulation of taxes and prices.

In conclusion, difficult situations affect the people and the economy of the country by turning the economy. Individuals react differently, and the situation affects them adversely. In the United States, people respond by using their skills, following their values, or seeking help. The government reacts by creating policies and laws that ensure the safety of the people. Failure to develop the right attitudes and policies affects the countries negatively in all sectors of society.

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