Essay Sample on Market Assessment of Body Butter in India

Published: 2023-08-15
Essay Sample on Market Assessment of Body Butter in India
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Beauty is always in demand, especially by the Indian women who take great care of their faces and their skins. There are different varieties of skincare products, but the use of body butter offers quick and qualitative results. It is a skin moisturizer that contains cocoa butter, coconut oil, and shea butter. It is useful in rejuvenating dry skin, and it is thicker than lotions (Siedlak 12). Indian women love the product since it has superior benefits and features to their bodies as compared to other skincare products. The product is manufactured by four companies, namely; the Body Shop, Beauty and Control, Kiehl’s, and Bath & Body Works. However, the leading producer of cheap and quality body butter is the Body Shop. Thus, it is imperative to assess the Indian market relative to the Body Shop's body butter. The body butter is one of the leading products that is increasingly being consumed in the Indian market. Based on its high consumption rate, it is imperative to assess the Indian market connected to the product to establish how effective it can increase its marketability.

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Beauty in India is an amalgam of spirituality, ancient rituals, a frisky existence of tradition, and fast-evolving differences in-between (Seth 6). Beauty is a sign of Godliness in the Indian culture, and it is revered by both men and women from the nation. The demand for cosmetics from the region started many years ago. Indians have been using different cosmetics products for enhancing the beauty and for curative purposes. Some Indian women still prefer traditional herbal beauty products, but most of them gravitate towards modern cosmetics (Dehejia and Paranjape 21). The beauty of an Indian woman has predominantly been defined by jeweled and dyed bindis, eyeliner, and henna-stained feet and hands, but Bollywood presents the modern means of achieving beauty by Indian women (Dasgupta et al. 16). The cinema offers a contemporary facet of Indian beauty characterized by fair skin, long dark shiny hair, big expressive eyes, and a feminine silhouette curve. These new beauty codes are facilitated by the products and services offered in a beauty salon for both men and women. One of the ingredients popularly used by Indian women in enhancing their beauty is body butter.

The information provided above is pivotal in determining the people that I will focus on when marketing body butter. Most women buy ointment as compared to men; thus, when marketing, I will focus on women more than men. The product will be sold in retail shops in India after intensive marketing has been done, and given that the product will be imported from the USA, it will be directly distributed to different retail shops across India and significant beauty shops and salons in the region. According to Dehejia and Paranjape (34), body butter is majorly consumed by Indian women of average and high class; hence a price that befits their statuses and that is averagely equal with other brands shall set. India has numerous beauty products, such as ointments that are used by women. Based on the high number of competitive products in the country, I will identify their marketing criteria and establish whether they are useful for body butter. I will adopt effective means of marketing by the competitive brands and create more proper means of advertising the product, such as lowering the prices of body butter in shops that have consumption of other competing brands.

The current economic situation does not support business innovation. The global Covid-19 pandemic has grossly affected many businesses, and millions of people have lost their jobs. With this situation, it would be very unwise to enter the Indian market with body butter as a direct foreign investment. The tough economic situation has grossly lowered the spending power of potential clients, and this would mean that the number of body butter sold in India would less.

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